Kei Komuro, “with a big smile on her face,” may earn 20 million yen a year even if she fails the exam. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro, “with a big smile on her face,” may earn 20 million yen a year even if she fails the exam.

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In late October, Kei Komuro will find out the results of his third bar exam…

Finally, in late October, Ms. Kei Komuro will find out whether she passed or failed her third bar exam for the state of New York in the United States. Ms. Komuro has failed the exam twice before, and the results of this year’s exam are also being closely watched.

Speaking of Ms. Komuro, her marriage to Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, had been postponed due to her mother Kayo’s financial problems. However, as they both turned 30 last October, they decided to get married.

They got married before the results of the bar exam were announced, and Mr. Komuro told Prince Akishino that he was confident that he would pass the exam and left for the U.S. “Unfortunately, I failed. Unfortunately, he failed.

(A reporter for a women’s magazine) Komuro took the exam for the third time, and is still working as a legal assistant at Lowenstein Sandler (LS), a law firm in New York. This office had too much access from Japan for a while, and its website is still not accessible from Japan.

However, a photo posted on the Internet by someone who was able to view this website has become a topic of conversation.

The person who was able to view the website said, “Until now, because Mr. Komuro is a legal assistant, the introduction page had been a photo of him in rough clothes wearing a sweatshirt, as if taken during his student days, but recently it was replaced with a photo of him wearing a suit and a big smile.

LS is a major firm in New York, and according to job sites, even legal assistants are reported to earn more than 20 million yen a year. (Journalist living overseas)

Mr. Komuro once won second place in a competition sponsored by the New York State Bar Association for a paper he wrote in the U.S., and won the next competition. Because of her excellence, LS may be willing to have Ms. Komuro continue working for them.

Before their marriage, Mr. Komuro was unable to return to Japan and see Mako, perhaps due to family scandals. It is said that he is now living happily in New York, undisturbed.

Although she is “undisturbed,” paparazzi are still after her when she is shopping at the supermarket, but in Japan it would have been unthinkable for her to go out alone or have a date with Mako.

At a press conference after her marriage and departure from the Imperial Family, Mako complained about “negative media reports and Internet postings” as “unjustified stories. It was unusual for a former member of the royal family to condemn the public in such harsh terms.

Mr. Komuro probably still has his own feelings about Japan’s antagonists. However, even if he should not pass the test, he could still be a winner with an annual income of over 20 million yen. In light of that, his big smile on his homepage seems to be a sign of success, as if he is saying, “I’ve seen it all back.

Although there are still negative reports about Kayo, it is probably a reflection of the fact that the Komuro family is attracting so much attention. If Ms. Komuro passes the bar exam, she is sure to attract even more attention. With Mako watching over them, what will the outcome be?

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