Kako, Second Daughter of the Akishino Family: The Anguish Behind Her Somber Smile at Koshien in Midsummer | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kako, Second Daughter of the Akishino Family: The Anguish Behind Her Somber Smile at Koshien in Midsummer

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Separation from Princess Akishino is “selfishness” or “a sign of determination
Dashing in her favorite dot-patterned one-piece dress for her official duties

The dress she wore that day was also worn at the Sankei Juvenile Literature and Publishing Culture Award presentation ceremony on June 6. Her arms peeked out faintly through the transparent material.

The team clapped their hands in delight every time they made a home in or made a fine play!

On August 1, Kako, 28, the second daughter of the Akishino family, watched the final of the National High School Girls Hardball Championship Tournament in the stands at the sacred Koshien Stadium, and showed a smile as radiant as those of the ball players. However, a reporter in charge of the Imperial Household at a national newspaper found a shadow on her smile.

Since it was discovered that Kako is living alone in the former temporary residence of Prince Akishino, she has been bashed as a “tax cheat” and a “liar. Kako, who never fails to check the Internet, must be aware of the criticism from the public. It must be hard for her inside, but the fact that she still does not want to return to Akishino’s residence is a sign of her strong desire to live on her own without relying on her family.

Renovation of the former temporary residence is scheduled to begin in the fall or later. This could be seen as a sign of Kako’s decision to live apart from her family and distance herself from them in earnest.

What is surprising is that since announcing her separation from her family, Kako has been actively participating in her official duties. Yuji Odabe, professor emeritus at Shizuoka University of Social Welfare, explains.

Since July, there have been many reports on the official duties of Princess Kako and other members of the Akishino family. As long as they are living on public funds, they must be in a hurry to improve the image of the entire Akishino family, which has been damaged by the marriage issue of her sister Mako.

What should she do to prevent her strong determination from being dismissed as “selfishness”? Kako’s anguish continues.

Unpublished photograph of Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino family, at Koshien in midsummer: “A melancholy smile” shown at the Koshien Stadium.
Unpublished photograph of Prince Akishino’s second daughter, Princess Kako, at Koshien in midsummer, showing her “melancholy smile.

From the August 18-25, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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