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Kei Komuro, now 31, concerned about “timing of return” with Mako

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Kei Komuro celebrates his 31st birthday. He and Mako still live in New York…

On October 5, Kei Komuro, husband of Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, celebrated his 31st birthday.

The Komuro couple, who currently reside in New York State, have been married for almost a year since the end of last October. They are still being followed by some paparazzi there, but at least they are more peaceful than before.

He has made some friends in New York whom he can trust, and they sometimes have dinner parties at the Komuro household. I think they held a small celebration party for Ms. Komuro’s birthday,” said a reporter in charge of the Imperial Household.

While Ms. Komuro is enjoying her life in New York with the love and affection of Mako, a fateful day is approaching.

He will be announced at the end of October whether he has passed or failed the NY bar exam, which will be his third time, but, well, it will be tough to pass…” (A reporter in charge of the Imperial Household) He works as a legal assistant at a law firm in New York State, but he is as busy as a lawyer, working from morning till night. On his days off, he spends most of his time with Mako, so he probably doesn’t have enough time to study.

Moreover, he has a definite “weak point.

He has been telling everyone around him since he was in Japan that he has a weakness for “paper exams. On the contrary, he is good at communicating with people and getting their favorable impression of him, so he easily passed university entrance examinations and company entrance examinations.

He used to proudly tell his friends, “I’ve already finished job hunting. But this is the third time the pressure is on…. To be honest, I don’t see a future where I can pass the exam.

It is easy to imagine that Mr. Komuro was good at interviews, as he was able to speak cheerfully and clearly in front of people when he was the “Prince of the Shonan Sea” and a bank employee, as well as at the press conference held the day after the news of his engagement to Mako was announced.

On the other hand, he says he is not good at tests like the bar exam, and the Japanese media is swept up in his success or failure every time he takes the test.

The media, including TV and newspapers, will not cover the test if he fails, but if he passes, they must indeed treat it as news, so they have to find out the results of the test,” he said.

However, ever since the Komuro marriage issue broke out, he has lost touch with his close friends, and few people even know whether he passed or failed…. I have reported the results to the head of the law firm where Ms. Komuro worked in Japan, but even he has been reluctant to give me interviews, so it has been difficult to find a way to “get behind the scenes…” (A reporter in charge of the Imperial Household)

It is as if the media is being swayed by the results of Mr. Komuro’s examination.

If Ms. Komuro passes the examination, there seems to be a possibility that she and her husband may return to Japan.

Mako suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being bashed on the Internet during the three-and-a-half-year marriage dispute.

Even now, the trauma with flashbacks is so strong that even in the U.S., she avoids interacting with Japanese people as much as possible. I don’t think Mako has any choice but to return to Japan now, where she feels nothing but distrust.”

The only other option for Mako is to return to her home country.

If there is, it would be in the case of a pregnancy. It would be the first grandchild for Prince and Princess Akishino, so it would be impossible for them not to show their faces. However, if Mr. Komuro has not passed the bar exam by then, it would be awkward, and it would likely be only Mako and the child who would return to their hometown…” (A source in the Imperial Household Agency)

At any rate, we hope that Ms. Komuro will pass the bar exam…

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