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The Overwhelming Acting of Maayu Matsuoka as the Devilish Double Personality in “The Devil of First Love”

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A scene from the location shooting of “The Devil of First Love.” Maayu Matsuoka took on the difficult role of a dual personality.

The Saturday drama “The Devil of First Love” (NTV), starring Kento Hayashi and Taiga Nakano, is one of the hottest dramas of the season, with an original script by Yuji Sakamoto. This is the most notable drama series of the season with an original script by Yuji Sakamoto. Before the final episode, there have been rave reviews of the uncanny performance of Maayu Matsuoka, who plays a dual personality.

Set in a police station, this mysterious romantic comedy features Suzunosuke Shikahama (Hayashi), a detective who has returned to work after being suspended, Yuuhi Mabuchi (Nakano), formerly of the General Affairs Division, as well as Ryuka Kotori (Tasuku Emoto) of the Accounting Division and Seisa Tameki (Matsuoka) of the Community Safety Division, who solve difficult cases with sensitivity and reasoning that differ from that of detectives.

In the third episode, Yuuhi’s brother Asayo (Katsuya Maimuma), who was killed in the line of duty three years ago, loses the balls of his gun shortly before his death. An exchange between Hoshisuna and former medical examiner Kyotsuki (Yuko Tanaka) reveals that Hoshisuna was shot by a gun and asked Kyotsuki for help.

Furthermore, Hoshisuna has Asayo’s phone and confesses to Yuuhi that she has been making purchases that she does not remember. Matsuoka’s show as the two Hoshisasas comes from there.

At one moment, his expression suddenly changes and he asks Yuhi, “Who are you? He then said to Yuhi, “Why are there so many people here? He runs off and collapses in the crowd, shaking, and eventually regains himself.”

“He then runs and collapses in the crowd as if shaken, and eventually regains himself. It was a real treat,” said a director of a production company.

In episode 8, Matsuoka’s dual personality performance was turned up a notch.

When cute Hoshisuna (a.k.a. Snake Girl) is eating Yuuhi’s homemade curry, a delivery service comes and she switches to cool Hoshisuna as she signs for the delivery. The cool star brings tears to her eyes because she misses it so much.

After finishing the meal, she is so happy that she goes to Yuuhi’s house. However, as soon as Yuhi opens the door, she turns back into cute Hoshisuna (snake girl) again. What a tragedy.

Is this the best part of watching this film? The netizens could not contain their excitement at Matsuoka’s acting ability to charm us with his subtle facial expressions and tone of voice as the two Hoshisuna.

“As the episode progresses, the life of the lovely Hoshisuna (snake woman) is revealed, with Yuuhi as the cool Hoshisuna and Suzunosuke as the lovely Hoshisuna (snake woman). The thrilling development of the story, which gradually reveals the truth of the case of her brother Asayo, who died in the line of duty, is one of the best among Sakamoto’s many masterpieces,” said a producer from the production company.

This is Matsuoka’s second Sakamoto film since “The Restaurant with a Problem” (Fuji TV) aired in 2015. Chika, whom Matsuoka played in “The Restaurant with Problems,” is still the role I love the most, she said. The response from the viewers was so strong that it changed my mind about my work. For this reason, she is more determined than ever to make the best of her role in this film.

In episode 7, there is a spectacular scene in which Hoshisa, played by Matsuoka, is blamed by Yuuhi (Nakano). The expression on the face of the lovely Hoshisuna (snake woman) in the scene is both sad and frightening.

When Yuhi sees her making a face and feels that she is back to the cool Hoshisuna, she asks him, “You are Mr. Tsuki, aren’t you? I’m not.” But Yuhi didn’t forgive her. 

“It’s your fault, isn’t it? You’re the one who made the real Tameki-san disappear, aren’t you? Please leave. You’re the one who shouldn’t be there. “The performance of the lovely Hoshisuna (snake woman) who gazes at Yuuhi with eyes like she is possessed is one-of-a-kind. The role of the heroine, Seisa Nukiki, who plays two roles, is a role that Matsuoka Maayu is very well suited for.

Actress Mayu Matsuoka gives an overwhelming performance as the heroine in this summer’s drama series. However, there is one summer that she cannot forget, even if she wants to.

Matsuoka made her first starring appearance in a GP series in the summer of 2020 with the drama “Okane no Kiri ga Koi no Hajimari (Kanekoi)” (TBS). The drama is about Reiko Kuki (Matsuoka), a poor girl who is obsessed with spending her money correctly and is single-minded about both things and love, and Keita Saruwatari (Haruma Miura), a sergeant and a spendthrift guy who is loose with his money. (Haruma Miura), a spendthrift and loose with money sergeant.

Matsuoka won the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for the film “Wakujimoku Furete Ro (Farewell to Me)” in 2019. She also won the same award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in “Shoplifters’ Family. As an actress with a strong acting background, she took on the role of an unusual heroine with her full potential.

(A wide-angle official) “Okane” was expected to be a blockbuster hit as a romantic comedy trilogy following “Runaway” and “Koi ha tsuduku yo dokomento” (both on TBS). Matsuoka said of his decision to star in the film

“I hope to get through this hot summer and this situation (COVID-19 crisis) together with Ms. Miura,” he said with enthusiasm.

In the PR video, Mr. Miura expressed his trust in Mr. Miura, saying, “No matter what happens, he always takes it in a positive way.”

In the PR video, Miura, who was trusted by the team, says, “No matter what happens to me, I can always look on the bright side,” but on July 18, tragedy struck.

“The filming that day was scheduled to begin a little before noon. However, Mr. Miura did not show up, and when the first news broke, Matsuoka collapsed on the spot and was held by his manager as he headed for the waiting area, but was unable to move for some time. After returning home, he continued to be in a state of shock, unable to eat and confined to his bedroom,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging news show.

In the wake of Miura’s death, the PR video for the drama released on July 13 was repeatedly viewed at a rate of nearly 5 million times in half a month. Miura’s death was such a shocking event.

Two years have passed since then. Maayu Matsuoka, a “talented heroine who came late,” plays the role of Seisa Tsumiki, who overcame her grief and took on the role of a dual personality. No matter how the final episode ends, it will surely be talked about for a long time.

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