Parliamentary Defense Secretary Jiro Kimura Fires Private Secretary After Being Found Working at a Sex Establishment | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Parliamentary Defense Secretary Jiro Kimura Fires Private Secretary After Being Found Working at a Sex Establishment

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During a cabinet reshuffle on August 10, Congressman Kimura (front row, far right) was selected as Parliamentary Secretary for Defense Affairs. His involvement with the former Unification Church was soon discovered.

The Seiwa-kai, the largest faction of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which has been rocked by the revelation of its ties to the former Unification Church, is now in the news for another reason.

The center of attention is Jiro Kimura, 54, a member of the House of Representatives. Kimura had a female secretary in his office. ……”

A veteran secretary working for a member of the Seiwa-kai is the one who keeps her voice down. Representative Kimura, who was elected from Aomori’s 3rd district, is a thoroughbred who grew up in a family of deputies dating back to his grandfather’s generation. Originally a prefectural government employee, he lost his older brother to cancer in 2005 and was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time that year. His honest character has been well-received, and he has been selected as Parliamentary Secretary for Defense Affairs in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

What happened at the office of Mr. Kimura?

The secretary, Mr. A, is from Aomori, Senator Kimura’s hometown, and moved to Tokyo to work after his first election in 2005. She had a good reputation among her fellow secretaries for her simple personality and earnest nature. Recently, it was discovered that she was working at a sex store in Tokyo in addition to her secretarial work.

The circumstances surrounding the discovery of Ms. A’s side job are as follows.

A male secretary working for another council member seemed to have a crush on Ms. A. The male secretary was not able to stay away, but he was still in love with her. The male secretary couldn’t stand by and searched her background and found out where she worked, and even found her social networking account under her real name. …… Perhaps unable to keep quiet, he revealed the fact to his fellow secretaries at a drinking party in mid-August, and word spread quickly.

However, unlike public secretaries, whose salaries are paid from taxpayer funds after notification to the House of Representatives, private secretaries are “private. If the lawmakers who employ them have no special regulations, there would seem to be no problem with them having a side job. However, this was not the end of the story for Ms. A. After she was discovered working at a brothel, Kimura immediately resigned from his position.

I heard that she resigned at the end of August,” said a secretary who knows Ms. A well.

The magazine sent a letter of inquiry to Senator Kimura’s office.

The person you asked about has already resigned.

The answer was simply, “The person you asked about has already resigned. When we called the council member’s office to inquire about the reason for his resignation, they replied, “There is nothing more we can tell you.

The answer was, “We have no further information to give you.

I can’t give you any more information.

After the cabinet reshuffle, it was discovered that Councilor Kimura had attended an event of a group affiliated with the former Unification Church. Is it just a matter of putting a lid on everything at once now?

From the September 16, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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