Teruyuki Kagawa: TBS guilty of cancelling Toyota commercials and going through with dropping morning show | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Teruyuki Kagawa: TBS guilty of cancelling Toyota commercials and going through with dropping morning show

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Teruyuki Kagawa finally announced his resignation from a morning information program. The cancellation of the Toyota commercial may have been the trigger…

Teruyuki Kagawa, a very popular actor, has finally been pushed to the edge of a cliff.

The trigger was a report in the August 24 issue of Shukan Shincho that he had sexually harassed a hostess at a Ginza club in July 2007. The hostess who was the victim subsequently developed PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). In 2008, she filed a lawsuit for damages against the club’s mama for failing to stop Kagawa, but the lawsuit was withdrawn last year.

In response to a series of news reports, Kagawa apologized “in person” on “The Time,” a morning information program on TBS, where she serves as MC on Fridays.

I have been deeply reflecting on my own behavior, and with a firm sense of self-discipline, I would like to go about my daily routine once again. I will also continue to take up the challenges of the work I have been given to do with sincerity, diligence, hard work, and my utmost effort as before.

Above all, I would like to spend my time without forgetting to express my gratitude for the fact that I have been given another day like this. Again, I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused you.

He bowed his head.

Reports of sexual assault in the entertainment industry seem to have started with movie director Hideo Sakaki. There is not a single NHK or commercial key station that is not involved, so it will be interesting to see how they handle the series of reports.

On the morning program “Mezamashi 8” broadcast on the 26th, Kazu Laser asked, “In what way have you decided to reconcile?

In the morning program “Mezamashi 8,” broadcast on the 26th, Kazu Laser stated, “There is no mention of how they are settling or whether they have been settled.

He was very blunt. Yumi Nagashima, an announcer at the same station, also commented

Yumi Nagashima, an analyst at the same station, also expressed her concern, saying, “I’m personally very worried that women will remember what happened when the news (reports) come out. Personally, I am very worried about it.

I am personally very worried about it.

On the “Wide Nah Show” (Fuji TV) broadcast on the 28th, Yuzuru Kawai of the comedy duo “Einstein” commented on Kagawa’s behavior at the bar.

Kagawa’s behavior at the bar was described by Yuzuru Kawai of the comedy duo “Einstein” as “like the old showbiz world. I mean, the way he drinks. I wonder if there are people who drink like that nowadays.

He then sniped at them. Eiji Wentz and model Naomi Trauden discussed the media’s coverage of the incident in the presence of the female victim. Trauden said

Trauden said, “I want the sexual assault itself to stop, so the meaning of the media coverage…well, I wonder if there is a part of it.”

He expressed his personal opinion.

In contrast to Fuji, TBS is standing on the sidelines.

Even on “The Time,” in which Kagawa himself apologized in person, the topic of Kagawa was omitted from the news ranking, and viewers commented, “It’s impossible for him to be out of the list.

Sunday Japon” and “Akko ni Omakase! on the 28th were completely and utterly ignored. Both programs reviewed the week’s events in the entertainment world, but they did not mention Kagawa’s troubles at all.

I heard that the “higher-ups” in charge of programming told them, “Don’t handle it. San Japo MC Hikaru Ota, who might accidentally slip up, also remained silent, so I think he is under a stronger ‘gag order’ than usual.

For TBS, Kagawa is like a “favorite actor.

His role as Executive Director Owada in the hit drama “Hanzawa Naoki” has had a strong impact, but he has also appeared in dramas such as “Roosevelt Game,” based on a story by Jun Ikeido, and the “99.9: Criminal Lawyer” series. The list goes on and on, including “Little Giant” and “The Sinking of Japan: Hope for the Future.

In fact, he has been cast as the “russ boss” in the Sunday theater production of “Atom’s Child,” starring Kento Yamazaki, which will start in October. If the furore spreads any further, the sponsors may ‘wait and see.

TBS had no choice but to wait for the storm to pass.

However, “Shukan Shincho,” released on September 1, reported Kagawa’s “sexual assault” for two weeks in a row with photos, and the rival magazine “Shukan Bunshun,” released on the same day, also reported his power harassment. After a week of waiting and seeing what would happen, the commercial sponsors finally made their move.

Mr. Kagawa, who has played the role of the editor-in-chief of “Toyo Times” in Toyota’s commercials since 2007, has finally decided not to air the commercials. It was announced that his contract would expire at the end of this year.

As if in response, “THE TIME,” for which he even made a “live apology,” also decided to drop the program. There is a strong possibility that this move will be followed by other commercial companies and dramas.

Kagawa was thought to be “blameless” for a while, but now that the news has come out, public opinion will not remain silent. But now that the news has come out, public opinion will not be silenced.

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