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A Married Woman Discovers the Fear of Adultery: Using a Younger Fitness Training Partner as a Tool for Pleasure

Report by Sanae Kameyama, "There is a Reason for Adultery" (True Story Series)

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“I want to be in love even after I get married.

Even after marriage, I want to be in love. Perhaps this feeling is the same for both men and women…

It is okay to have a married woman in love.

Many people may think, “If a man has an affair, he will be forgiven, but if a woman has an affair, her husband will not forgive her. In fact, such cases are not uncommon. The reasons behind this are that both men and women tend to think that it is natural for men to cheat on their wives, and that, in general, wives lack economic power. But what men think, women also think. Now that more and more people feel that “marriage and love are two separate things,” it is not uncommon for women to commit adultery.

I divorced my ex-husband because of my infidelity. After my divorce, my ex-husband and I became somewhat close, and now we interact as ‘family’ and ‘friends.

Aki (49), who spoke in a cheerful tone, got “dekimarried” to Suguru, who was three years older than her, when she was just 29 years old, and divorced at the age of 47. During their nearly 20 years of marriage, Aki has been involved in extramarital affairs on three occasions.

She has only been exposed to the full extent of the law once,” he said. The other times, I thought I was able to hide it,” she said. I thought I was able to hide it the rest of the time, but it seems that my husband was suspicious of it all along. I was informed of this during the divorce proceedings.

With a “muscle-training buddy” nine years younger than her

Her first “love” after marriage was when her second son was three years old. We were both busy working, but we had an agreement that we would spend weekends as a family and that we would give each other one day a week to relax.

On that relaxation day, we could do whatever we wanted until the last train without thinking about dinner or the children. The day of the week changed depending on each other’s work schedule. I went to the gym, so I often went out for drinks with my futsal and muscle training friends I met there. One day, when I tried to go out for a drink with my muscle training buddies, we all had bad schedules or something, and the only one who could go was a young kid named Koichi. I had never really talked to him one-on-one, so I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said, ‘I want to have a drink with Aki. I thought he was cute, so we went to an izakaya near the gym.

At the izakaya, Aki got tangled up with three guys in suits at the next table. At first he brushed them off, but as he got drunk, one of them escalated the situation, saying, “What’s an old, ugly girl trying to do something about a young guy?

I told the waiter about it, but he was too busy to give me a proper warning. Eventually, I was so drunk that I snapped and smashed a beer bottle on the table and said, ‘Screw you. The other guy was like, ‘What are you doing? People around me started running away and I heard people calling the police. Then Koichi calmly took the beer bottle away and said, “No, Aki-san, you can’t do that,” and then told the other party, “In fact, it’s wrong that you guys got involved with us. You said terrible things about women. You can sue us for insulting you. I even said I would call a lawyer. The other party suddenly got scared and quieted down. Koichi asked for their business cards and found out that they worked for a law firm. We had a good laugh when we found out.”

Aki did not know Koichi’s occupation either, but he was a graduate student pursuing the bar exam, nine years younger than Aki.

He apologized to the restaurant, paid the bill, and left. But Aki was still excited and took him to a hotel with her.

I was kind of happy,” she said. His calm and collected demeanor made me hot. And when he called me ugly, I told him he was beautiful. I didn’t want to let this girl go today.”

The fight at the tavern became a source of excitement and led to sexual desire for Koichi in front of me. I can’t go home like this. Women have nights like that too. The time in bed burned her body and soul as she felt as if she had conquered him.

I like to attack myself,” she said. In work, in bed, and in life.

Aki has the coolness to say such wise words without hesitation. Koichi and I continued our relationship for the next two years. I had no intention of divorcing him, so I thought I could see him when he wanted to take a break from his studies. However, he became addicted to Aki.

After two years, he “got bored.”

Koichi-kun, who wasn’t used to women, got better and better at it. He learned to caress me in my own way. I enjoyed it, but I began to think that it wouldn’t be good for him if I kept it up. No, that’s a beautiful thing. To be honest, in two years, his sex skills had reached a plateau (laughs). So I got bored with him. It was cute that he was trying so hard to match me and be mature, but I was looking for intense sex that I couldn’t have with my husband. He’s basically a bland guy, so he started saying, ‘I want more heart-to-heart interaction.’ ‘ I’m sorry, but maybe I wasn’t looking for that.”

Although she “captured” him by rushing out on her own, she ended this love affair after two years. She also felt that she could not use him any more as a “tool for her own pleasure.

When I was single, I was only with one person,” she said. My husband was my second. After I had a child, my sexual desire suddenly became stronger. In my 30s In my thirties, I didn’t know whether I wanted to do it because I liked it or because I wanted to do it. But of course, my top priority was always my family.”

While valuing their families, they fall in love outside of them. There are probably a certain number of people like that, regardless of gender.

Three years later, he fell in love, this time with someone his own age. This lasted only about a year, but “it was a serene love,” she says. The serenity of the relationship was more than she could bear.

‘My serene relationship was fulfilled with my husband. I think I wanted to indulge in passion.”

But in her third relationship, which also led to her divorce, she learned “the horror of infidelity.

<She says she wanted to “drown in passion,” but the next love she chose was…. Part 2: What a Married Woman Who Drowned Her Body and Mind in an Affair with a Man of the Same Age Lost Continue to Part 2. >Part 2

  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama Sanae Kameyama

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