Former Prime Minister Abe, who said in a PR magazine that he was a believer in a “religion that holds its hands over people’s heads | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Prime Minister Abe, who said in a PR magazine that he was a believer in a “religion that holds its hands over people’s heads

Politics and Religion: Close Interaction Issues Emerging religions that once had frequent troubles over private therapies and donations

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Shortly before his death, former Prime Minister Abe was running around giving speeches in support of the Upper House election. Even at this time, he was very close to his supporters.

The issue of the former Unification Church and the LDP has highlighted the danger of politicians becoming billboards for certain religious groups in return for electoral cooperation. While the appropriate distance between politics and religion has been pointed out, it is not widely known that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was in fact a member of a “hand-holding religion.

Here is a booklet entitled “Su-kyo Mahikari” (December 2009 issue). The magazine is a public relations publication of the Sukyo Mahikari, which is known as a “hand-holding religion. The issue, “50th Anniversary Grand Festival Commemorative Issue,” features the Grand Festival that was held at the head office of the mission at that time.

Great Lord God, our Savior, Holy Pearl, and Lord of Teachings, I am overjoyed that the 50th Anniversary Grand Service of Rikkyo has been held in such a grand manner.

It was former Prime Minister Abe, who participated in the Grand Festival, who congratulated the “Oyasama” of the church and others.

The Sungyo Shinko is a sect based in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, which was split off from the World Order of True Light Civilization in 1977. According to the group’s website, “Tekazashi” is “the practice of purifying all things and resolving all kinds of problems and troubles by radiating a higher-dimensional light from the palm of the hand. This is true. In the past, however, there were frequent troubles over the folk remedies and donations.

In the booklet, Sadakazu Tanigaki, then LDP President, Yoshitaka Murata, then LDP Deputy Secretary General, and Kazuyoshi Kaneko, former Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism and a member of the LDP, also participated and gave congratulatory speeches. In addition, Kazunari Koga, then a member of the DPJ, also participated. And then–. In his congratulatory speech, former Prime Minister Abe made the following statement.

I attended the beginner’s training course under the guidance of Shin-aki Ishihara and Yuji Yamamoto, who are also present today, and I have been named as one of the youngest members of the Shinrikyo Shinrikyo Order.

When we interviewed a spokesperson for the cult, he told us that “kamikumite” refers to believers.

Former Prime Minister Abe’s family temple is a Jodo sect temple in Yamaguchi Prefecture, …….

The fact is that many Diet members and secretaries are members of more than one religion,” he said. This is because they expect election cooperation rather than religious beliefs. The religious organizations have a great advantage in being able to use them as billboards to advertise that ‘that sensai is a member of our religion'” (aforementioned religious journalist).

Some of the new religions have caused many troubles and victims. It goes without saying that politicians should be especially careful in their distance from religion.

Former Prime Minister Abe’s congratulatory speech recorded in the ’09 PR magazine of the Sungyo Shinko. He remarks that he has become a kami kumite.

From the August 19 and 26, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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