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Kei Komuro and Mako’s Huge Difficulties After Unexpected Return to Japan

Kei Komuro's third attempt at the New York State bar exam was "unsuccessful." ......

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Kei Komuro smiles as he walks toward the press after his examination on July 26. On his arm is an examiner’s wristband.

Kei Komuro (30) and Mako (30) lead a happy life in New York. However, a dark cloud is gathering over their newlywed life. It all started when Kei took the New York bar exam for the third time on July 26 and 27 (local time).

A reporter from the Imperial Household Agency said, “Taking into consideration the overall situation, it is said that there is little chance that she will pass the exam.”

If she fails this time, she could be fired from the law firm where she works as an assistant. If this happens, the two will not be able to earn the income they had originally planned. They will not receive any support from their employer, and it will be difficult for them to obtain a green card (permanent resident status).

The birthdays of Princess Noriko in September and Princess Michiko in October are coming up, and it is conceivable that Princess Mako will return to Japan in time for their birthdays. There is a possibility that they will live in Japan as is, without any change.

However, if the Komuro couple were to return to Japan in an emergency, they would face a number of hardships, the first of which would be financial.

“If they return to Japan, the first financial issues that will arise are where they will live, how much the rent will be, and who will pay for it,” said Miyoko Kudo, a nonfiction writer.

Not only living expenses, but also living expenses are not insignificant. The weekly apartment in Tokyo where the Komuro couple lived before moving to the U.S. cost approximately 1 million yen per month for a two-bedroom apartment. This is a tremendous expense for the Komuro’s, who have no fixed source of income.

Second, there is the risk of an “attack. Criminal journalist Taihei Ogawa spoke of the risk of an “attack.

“When a major incident like the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe occurs, the possibility of a copycat attack increases. Kei Komuro, in particular, has been heavily criticized by the public, so there is a good chance that she will become a target if she returns to Japan. The police can’t afford another fiasco, so they will be guarding her very closely.”

The third is a resurgence of bashing. The third is renewed bashing.

It is clear that if they return to Japan, they will be slammed for ‘special treatment’ and ‘taxpayers’ money for security fees and rent.

There is also the possibility that Mako’s complicated PTSD, which has been explained as being caused by the slander, will worsen. The results of the bar exam, which will decide their fate, are scheduled to be announced at the end of October.

Mako walks with Kei in a T-shirt and jeans, chatting with him. After seeing Kei off, she went shopping at a high-end supermarket.

From the August 19 and 26, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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