Park Jin-hee, a “beautiful golfer” who also has a regular TV show… She also made a series of beautiful performances in her return to the Korean Tour after a six-year absence. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Park Jin-hee, a “beautiful golfer” who also has a regular TV show… She also made a series of beautiful performances in her return to the Korean Tour after a six-year absence.

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She had not played on the top tour in six years, but her sharp shots throughout the tournament attracted fans.

A beautiful golfer’s first appearance in six years at the MediHeel Korea Ilbo Championship, a four-day event on the Korean women’s golf tour that began on the 11th of this month, was the talk of the town.

Her name is Park Jin-hee.’ She is 27 years old, born in 1996, and after turning pro in ’14, she mainly played on the second division Dream Tour until ’18, her last year on the tour. Although he has not won any championships, he has finished in the top 10 five times on the second division tour, including one second place finish.

Currently, he is involved in a wide range of activities, including golf lessons and regular appearances on TV programs. Although she is no longer at the forefront of the tour, she is still one of the most popular female professional golfers in Korea, with about 90,000 followers on Instagram, thanks to her neat face and fashion sense, including her golf wear. Since this is the first time in 6 years that Park Jin-hee is competing on the Korean Tour as a recommended player since ’18, many fans and galleries were watching her play.

On the first day, she shot a 74 with two birdies, two bogeys, and one double bogey to finish 2-over, but on the second day, she shot an even-par 72 with three birdies and three bogeys to finish 2-over overall. He played a series of spectacular shots that greatly impressed his fans, but he fell three shots short of the cut line and regrettably failed to qualify.

After the first day, what did she have to say?

I was really nervous. In the first half, I was a bit unsure about my play, and I had some difficulty getting used to the atmosphere. As for the double bogey, I couldn’t calculate the distance well and chose a long club.

He reflected on his round. The caddie this time was Jung Ji-yu, a beautiful golfer who also played on the Japan Tour last year, and she gave him a lot of advice.

I thought I was going to make a huge mistake after the double bogey, but Ji-Yu said, ‘Don’t worry. I thought I was going to have a lot of trouble after the double bogey, but Ji-Yoo said to me, ‘Don’t worry, golf is about the second half. From there, I was able to get my swing going and play well all the way through.”

However, Park Jin-yu felt that he could not show his embarrassing appearance in his first real competition in a long time. “I usually don’t train that much, so I had lost a lot of muscle mass. So I gained about 5 kg of weight from that. I wanted to show that I had not lost any of my ability even though I was working on a TV show,” she also confessed that she had prepared well for the competition.

Although she narrowly failed to qualify this time, she reflected on her Instagram page, saying, “It was my first time competing in the competition in six years.

I was so nervous about competing in the tournament for the first time in six years that my memory of how the first day ended is a bit fuzzy. I was so happy while preparing for the competition, and even now that it’s over, I still have lingering memories of it. It was a week of being thankful for everything.”

Incidentally, her golf activities in Korea have been so influential that some have called her the “second Yoo Hyun-joo. We hope to see Jin-hee Park not only in Korea, but also in Japan in the future.

Jin-hee Park makes her comeback after a six-year absence.
Her dynamic swing is still going strong.
The caddie was Jung Ji-yu, who has a lot of fans because of her beauty. Their “beauty performance” had all the fans in attendance glued to the course.
Jung Ji-yu supporting Park Jin-hee
The serious expression she shows during the match is also beautiful.
On the second day, he rounded the course at even par. However, he fell one step short of qualifying.
His return to the tour after a six-year absence was a disappointing one. Still, the expression on her face after the match was full of a sense of accomplishment.
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