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GROOVY AFTER SCHOOL! Parkmancer’s passionate love call for special program!

The "Let's Go to School" special that will add flowers to the breakup of "V6" on November 1st. The special is called "Last Chance in Life."

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With the original “Globe”. “This show changed my destiny. I’ve lived as Park for almost half of my life.

With the breakup of the group coming up on November 1, a three-hour special of the legendary variety show “Gakko e Ikou! (TBS), the legendary variety show that V6 was the MC of, will be aired on November 1st. (TBS), the legendary variety show that V6 MC’d. The person who is most excited about this special in Japan right now is Parkmancer, the rapper of “soft type globe.

He was introduced to the world through the program’s famous “B-RAP High School”. Park himself recalls, “The staff praised me, saying, ‘Just by appearing on the show, the ratings will go up by 5%.

“Thanks to that show, more than 80% of people in their 30s now recognize me. That’s just my firsthand impression (laughs). (laughs) The last time the special was aired was in November 2003, and right after that, the number of wedding entertainment and other business increased dramatically. My fans who had grown up remembered me and invited me. However, they were breaking up, so the next special demand ……, or special program, would be my last. It’s the last chance of my life!

Last summer, this magazine reported that “soft type GLOBE” had resumed their activities in earnest with Mark Panther’s beloved daughter from the original “GLOBE” as their partner KOIKE.

It became a hot topic, and “King’s Brunch” picked me up. In other words, TBS is aware of the fact that “soft globe” is still active. But – at the moment, there are no offers. If I were to appear on the show, I’m sure I could get good ratings. If you look at the website of the special program, it looks like I’m not going to be on it. ……

However, this is a “TBS thing”, but there is a pattern of secretly appearing with “V6”. It’s because they want to get the first reaction. So I’ll tell you what, TBS, we’ve got a full schedule!

Big (?) surprise! I’m expecting a big (?) surprise.

He is actually a farmer. Special programs are essential for the promotion of his mainstay products, such as garlic, whose Spanish name is “idiot,” and his self-produced rice, “Park Rice Sir.

From the October 8, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo Courtesy of Parkmancer

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