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Kiko Mizuhara Spotted Promoting Her Natural Cosmetics Shop

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A customer at the store asked for a photo, and he struck the pose you see here.

Please take a look if you like.

It was late afternoon in late April in Shibuya, where many young people were passing by. In front of a store on the first floor of Shibuya PARCO, one of the most popular spots in the area, a woman was talking to people walking in front of her like a store clerk. She is Kiko Mizuhara (33).

The pop-up store for her cosmetic brand “kiiks,” which she launched in February, was being held there, and that day was the first day of the event. Ms. Mizuhara already has an apparel brand, but this was her first cosmetic brand.

She had discovered the wonders of nature through scuba diving, which she started in the COVID-19 crisis, and had been warming up the idea of creating cosmetics that are gentle to both people and the earth. All of the new brand’s products are 100% naturally derived and each one is handmade,” says a fashion writer.

Few people realize that the woman calling out at the store is Mizuhara, a world-famous model and actor. Even so, from time to time, when people on the street ask to take their picture with her, she poses with one leg raised in a two-handed piece and also innocently interacts with children with their parents. For the children’s father, we presented him with a balm made from Hamanasu, a native Japanese rose, which was on sale at the store that day,

He told them that it was a unisex cream that could be used by men as well.

He was also very confident in his sales talk. This friendly side of her must be one of her charms.

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Kiko Mizuhara making the V-sign when asked by a customer at a pop-up store for a photo.
Kiko Mizuhara entering a pop-up store showcase (from her Instagram @i_am_kiko)
In front of a pop-up store (from her Instagram @i_am_kiko)

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