Next year, a major TV drama! “WAGAYA’s Tsubokura shows his “actor’s face” on the street! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Next year, a major TV drama! “WAGAYA’s Tsubokura shows his “actor’s face” on the street!

Eyewitness! Harikomi24 (Shiodome, 3:30 p.m.)

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Tsubokura has become an indispensable “by-player” in dramas and movies. Will the day ever come when he can show us another hilarious comedy act?

Yoshiyuki Tsubokura is the leader of the comedy trio “Our Family,” and is in charge of the big jokes. However, in the past few years, it might sound better to introduce him as a great biker.

In 2005, Tsubokura began to work more as a freelancer, but in 2006, he made his presence felt as an actor in “Unnatural” and “Shitamachi Rocket” (both on TBS). Since then, he has appeared in such high-profile films as “It’s Your Turn” (NTV) and “I’m Leaving on Time” (TBS). (TBS).

Mr. Tsubokura’s presence as a middle-aged man with some peculiarities is unmatched, and his facial expressions and the atmosphere he creates are unique. I think he is one of the most valuable by-players.

It was in late June that I saw Tsubokura. It was late June when I saw Tsubokura getting off a location bus that had stopped in front of a building in Shinbashi (Minato-ku).

There was no sign of any of the other members of “My Family. I wondered if he was returning from filming a drama. It was hard to imagine the “comedian” Tsubokura as a dandy walking into the Nittele building with a stern expression on his face.

Next year, Tsubokura is scheduled to appear in the NHK historical drama “Kamakura-dono no 13,” and filming has already begun. But it seems that he hasn’t forgotten his face as a comedian.

“The rise of the seventh generation of young comedians has been very inspiring to Tsubokura, and he seems to be very conscious that acting is just for the sake of our comedies and activities…” (Entertainment industry insider)

It’s about time we got to see Tsubokura, a successful actor and comedian, make a big joke…

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