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Kei Komuro: “Mako’s Strong Will” Behind “Third Judicial Examination

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Kei Komuro took his third bar exam at the end of July. His wife, Mako, is said to be supporting him in his bid to pass the exam…

Even if he fails the bar exam this time, he will probably continue to take it for a while until he passes the next time. I think the main reason is that Mako has a strong desire for him to pass.

It is not that he wants to be a lawyer, but that he is putting Mako’s wishes first,” said an acquaintance of Mako’s.

On July 26 and 27 (local time), Kei Komuro took the New York State bar exam. For him, this was his third attempt at the exam.

The pass rate for a retaker like Mr. Komuro is only 18%. This is because, like him, they have to study for the exam while working at a law firm, so they have less time to prepare for the exam than current applicants.

The amount of work required for his “day job” also increases with each passing session, so multiple examinees like Mr. Komuro are at a considerable disadvantage. Pass/fail will be announced in late October.

However, what we are really curious about is why Mr. Komuro keeps failing the examination. The reason is that Ms. Komuro, who left in the summer of ’18 for a three-year study abroad program in the U.S., is receiving special treatment at the law school where she is studying.

He was awarded a scholarship that exempts him from all tuition, fees, and other expenses, which only a few students in a given academic year are selected for. Furthermore, during his study abroad, Mr. Komuro graduated from law school with “super” grades, including first place in a local law essay competition. Everyone had no doubt that she would pass the New York State bar exam, which has a first-time pass rate of over 80%,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

However, despite the expectations of those around her, she failed the bar exam twice in a row. And then he took the exam for the third time.

“He may not have had a strong desire to become a lawyer in the first place,” said a reporter from a women’s magazine.

A source close to the Akishino family who knows the situation reveals, “Mr. Komuro was a specialist when he was a university student.

Mr. Komuro did not study law professionally during his university years. He continued to attend graduate school, but even there, he chose a curriculum that focused on management rather than law. I got the impression that he had little interest in law.

The reason he studied at an American law school was because, at the time of their private engagement, Mako had asked him to establish a base overseas. The truth is that Mr. Komuro began working as a paralegal at a Japanese law firm introduced to him by a female lawyer with whom he had a close relationship, and began his pursuit of becoming an international lawyer in the United States.

At Mako and Komuro’s unofficial engagement press conference in September ’17, a reporter asked Mako, “What is your motto?

What is your motto?

“Let it be.

“Let it be.

It seems that Ms. Komuro does not have a firm core.

I think that her mother, Kayo, has had a fundamental influence on her. Since her father died when she was in the upper grades of elementary school, Ms. Komuro has lived her life with a mother-first attitude, saying, “I will protect my mother.

Of course, this in itself is not a bad thing. However, when he was dating the daughter of a famous restaurant in Yokohama, Kayo told me that she was overjoyed and said, “That’s nice! I heard that she was overjoyed. It is possible that he believed that his mother would be pleased if he went out with a rich or high status woman,” said an acquaintance of Ms. Komuro.

Mr. Komuro was well known for his friendship with Kayo when he was in Japan, but now he seems to be putting “Mako first.

He may be aiming to become a lawyer not because of what he wants to do, but to fulfill the wishes of Mako, the woman he is going to marry. In a sense, he is doing what Mako wants. This may be the biggest obstacle to his success.

It is wonderful that he is trying so hard to fulfill the wish of the “woman he loves,” but is becoming a lawyer what he really wants? ……

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