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Actress Haru Look-a-Like Beautiful City Councilor Lavish Lifestyle Arrested for Billion-Yen Fraud !

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Yoshiba, who has challenged for national office three times, ran for the House of Representatives in 2005 for the Party of Hope (Image: Kyodo News)

People say that Haru is the actress who resembles her.

The female city councilor who was arrested often said this to those around her.

On August 1, the Fukuoka Prefectural Police arrested five men and women on suspicion of fraud. They are suspected of cheating victims out of large sums of cash by giving false explanations about a public loan program to support medical facilities whose business performance had deteriorated due to the new coronavirus.

The victim was Company A, a welfare facility in Sakai City, Osaka. Between July and December 2008, the five members of the group made a false proposal to Company A and offered the use of the “New Coronavirus Response Support Fund” system. They said, “We will be able to provide you with a loan by a special method. We will not be civilly liable if you do not repay the loan, and we want you to pay us half of the loan amount.

In reality, the loan must be repaid. Company A, believing the false explanation, received a loan of about 120 million yen from the authorities, and the five-member group cheated them out of half of the loan, about 60 million yen, under the guise of business consignment fees. They have repeated similar crimes by holding seminars, etc., and the total amount of damage is estimated to exceed 1 billion yen.

Photo book sold out and was reprinted.

In June 2001, she ran for the New Party Daichi. On the left is the representative, Muneo Suzuki (Image: Kyodo News)

Among the five arrested is an incumbent councilor. The suspect is Mika Yoshiba, 42, a council member of Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture. The crime was apparently triggered by an internal dispute within the group.

The cash they had swindled was stored in a safety deposit box at a bank in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. However, in February 2009, one of the group members noticed that about 150 million yen was missing from the safe-deposit box and consulted the prefectural police’s Chuo Police Station. A security camera at the scene showed Yoshiba removing the cash. When the police investigated, Yoshiba denied the crime, saying that he had not received a single yen and that he was just involved in the crime.

Yoshiba had long attracted attention as a “disturbing councilor. He was first elected to the Neyagawa City Council in 2007 after graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University. At the time, he was the youngest Neyagawa City Council member at the age of 26. However, his actions during his first term were controversial.

Under the guise of raising political funds, she sold a photo book titled “Mika “In the name of raising political capital, I released a photo book titled ‘Mika Yoshiba. There were no swimsuit photos, but the contents were as beautiful as an actress’s work. She became a topic of conversation as a beautiful city councilor, and the 500 copies of the book, priced at 1,000 yen each, quickly sold out and were reprinted.

She told those around her, “I would rather be noticed than not be noticed. I want to increase my name recognition. He ran for the Democratic Party of Japan, the New Party Daichi, and the Party of Hope, and he also tried his hand at national politics, but was unsuccessful on all three occasions.

This was her third term on the Neyagawa City Council (Image: Jiji Press)

She ran an event management company in Tokyo and must have been quite well-to-do. He often arrived at the city office in a yellow Mercedes Benz. He wore his badge not on his chest but on the strap of his cell phone, which was decorated in a flashy way.

He said that he didn’t like to wear his badge on his chest because it seemed to show off his status as a Diet member. She also said that wearing it on her strap is ‘my style.

In her personal life, she has had her share of troubles.

She married a current LDP Diet member in November 2002, but they divorced in September 2004. She claims that she was subjected to severe domestic violence by her husband. Her husband vehemently refuted the allegations in a weekly magazine. He said of Yoshiba’s complaint, “DV is outrageous. I never raised my hand to him, and I have never been unfaithful to him.

In March of this year, Yoshiba told a city council meeting in response to the Corona grant, “The definition of ‘domestic violence’ is vague.”

“The ambiguity of the definition, the unfairness of the application process, and the attitude of the mayor to forcefully proceed even though the budget had been exhausted are absolutely unacceptable.”

The suspect, Yoshiba said, used the business card of a city council member in the crime, perhaps to gain credibility. She has been absent from council meetings since May of this year, citing “poor health.” It is believed that he was afraid that the incident would be discovered and he would be arrested.

  • Photo Kyodo News Service Jiji Press

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