The wife’s comment, “I’m going to die,” was the decisive factor… The shocking end of “W. Infidelity | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The wife’s comment, “I’m going to die,” was the decisive factor… The shocking end of “W. Infidelity

Sanae Kameyama reports on "There is a reason for adultery.

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At that time, my wife said to me, “You mustn’t say a word. When people get married, they have the illusion that the relationship is “eternal. An unexpected turn of events in an extramarital affair that led to marriage.

Do you want to get divorced and get married to your “adulterous” partner?

If one or both partners are married when they fall in love, it is called “adultery” under any circumstances. Even if the marriage is broken or the parties involved are unhappy in their marriage, it is still called “adultery” and is looked down upon by the public.

So, if a married person who has had an extramarital affair divorces and marries the adulterer, does that mean that everything is settled? What about the children? What if there is a spouse who does not agree with the divorce? Many couples continue their secret love affair to avoid such “hassles. This is a way to minimize risk.

However, there are some couples who think that it is okay to be open about everything. These are Tetsuro (48 years old, pseudonym) and Kaori (47 years old).

They met five years ago through work. At the time, Tetsuro had been married for 13 years and had two children ages 12 and 10. Kaori had been married for 14 years and had a 13-year-old son.

Business partners sometime in the past.

Kaori leaned on Mr. Tetsuro, who had fallen in love under the circumstances and was just thinking about starting his own business. Kaori says.

At the time, I too was feeling stuck in my job at my place of employment. No matter how passionate I was, it was difficult for a woman to become the person ultimately responsible for the company, and I wondered if I would have to continue being a pawn in the corporate world forever. My own mother, who was in good health, helped me with my family affairs, but my husband was not supportive of my family, which was a good thing. I always felt that my husband was a little detached from the family, even though we had created this family together,” she said.

In other words, they were not satisfied as a couple. The same was true for Tetsuro. He thought that his home was complete with just his wife and children. He seemed to think so.

As people with this situation, we shared the same views on family and work, and I decided to get involved with Tetsuro’s company launch. He, his friend, and I became co-owners. We had to dip into our savings quite a bit, but I felt we could make it work.

In the process, their love deepened, but they both had families and were determined not to do anything rash. Although they did go out to dinner alone together, they avoided a “back-stabbing” relationship. They successfully launched their company.

Work came and went in waves, but gradually settled down. However, their feelings for each other began to simmer.

His friend, the co-owner of the company, was aware of our romantic feelings as well. One day, he said to me, ‘Can’t you two just keep stifling your feelings? Why don’t you both fulfill your personal lives as well?

We realized that we needed each other more than just as business partners.

We decided to discuss what to do at home. I told my husband I wanted a divorce. My husband became depressed, saying he didn’t understand why. When Mr. Tetsuro also told his wife, she suddenly cried out. I regretted that it was too abrupt. But I know my husband doesn’t love me. I just don’t want to destroy our form of marriage.”

Each “marriage” may have already been broken.

Two couples, they discussed.

They decided to talk about it with their respective spouses and the four of them.

We have already decided how we feel. We want to be together. We want to be together, but we don’t want to fight over the divorce. I suggested that we could have a more open communication between the families.

Once they had decided to dissolve their marriage, Tetsuro and Kaohsiung decided to stay together. After that, whether Tetsuro and Kaori get married or not, they will live together. The children would be able to come and go from either parent, regardless of where they lived.

This was a suggestion from Mr. Tetsuro, who had previously lived in Europe for several years.

Tetsuro’s wife criticized his method, saying, “My husband is a foreigner. Surprisingly, however, Kaori’s husband suggested that it might be a good idea. He was probably not a family man to begin with,” she said.

“But I also thought it would be good to have a ‘very normal family. I don’t know anything other than a ‘very normal family. I was not sure if it would really work out, because I don’t know anything other than a ‘very normal family. I love Tetsuro, so I thought we should divorce, decide where the children should live, and start a new ‘family. family. I was not sure if it would really work out. I don’t know if I properly understood at the time what he meant by an open relationship.”

Tetsuro’s wife was even more resistant.

He told me that his wife went on a hunger strike for several days and was rushed to the hospital or made a big fuss about dying. The family you have worked so hard to build is falling apart, and the husband has a new woman. Panic must have set in. I received phone calls from her crying, and when I saw her, she even hung up on me.

But Mr. Tetsuro persevered. I will always have love for my family, I just want to form a partnership with Kaori as an adult man and woman. But I am still the father of the children, and as the mother of the children, I will respect my ex-wife,” he continued to plead with the other three men.

We were calmly discussing the matter, when Tetsuro’s wife said, ‘So it’s Kaori who wants to get laid. That hurt me. Mr. Tetsuro quietly said to his wife, ‘In any case, let’s be respectful to others. She, too, said she was sorry. But once he let go, his words had great destructive power. I felt the discussion was ripe at that point.

The future of the two couples was decided by the wife’s unintentional “one word” that even caused a fuss, “I’m going to die. But, there was a surprising turn of events that followed… Continue to Part 2: Beyond resentment and jealousy… The new life of the “ex-couple and their child,” who have been having a double affair.

  • Reporting and writing Sanae Kameyama

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