Former Prime Minister Abe’s Sudden Death: His and His “Home-based Opposition Party’s”, His Wife, Love Language | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Prime Minister Abe’s Sudden Death: His and His “Home-based Opposition Party’s”, His Wife, Love Language

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Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie, known in political circles as the”happily married couple”.

On July 8, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot and killed during a speech on the street in Nara Prefecture. The cause of death was said to be exsanguination.

His wife, Mrs. Akie, rushed to the hospital affiliated with Nara Medical University, where her husband was taken, at around 4:55 pm. However, the former prime minister passed away at 5:03 pm.

According to the hospital where he was taken, Abe went into cardiopulmonary arrest at 0:20 pm. According to the hospital, Prime Minister Abe went into cardiopulmonary arrest at 12:20 n.n., and although resuscitation efforts were made at the emergency center, he did not make it.

Former Prime Minister Abe and his wife Akie were aptly described as a “happily married couple.”

“After he resigned as prime minister, I often saw the couple strolling together without an escort. They were shopping together in the shopping arcade in front of the nearby station,” said a local resident.

Mrs. Akie, who was born the eldest daughter of the founding family of Morinaga Seika, was so innocent that she was late for her blind date with former Prime Minister Abe. Even after their marriage, former Prime Minister Abe was said adore her.

At his mother’s birthday party, Mrs. Akie suddenly started singing “Jupiter” with him to the accompaniment of the singer Ayaka Hirahara. Even then, the former prime minister looked at her with a smile on his face.

She also had an active lifestyle, running a Japanese-style pub in Tokyo. The former prime minister was most supportive of her. Whenever Mrs. Akie behaved in an unrestrained manner, he defended her with a wry smile, and he really loves her. (A reporter from a national newspaper)

As the first lady, Mrs. Akie has supported her husband for a long time. She probably never imagined that her  beloved husband will leave her so suddenly.

When former Prime Minister Abe contracted ulcerative colitis toward the end of the first administration, Mrs. Akie desperately nursed him back to health, for which he was very grateful. Mrs. Akie calls herself “the opposition party in the family,” but they really got along well. That is why I am worried about her.” (Political insider)

Former Prime Minister Abe will come home to her without any objections, with a mouth that can never again say “Aishiteru” to her.

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