Re-arrested for methamphetamine, Sei Tanaka, “Astonishing behavior in Nishiazabu and drug request line” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Re-arrested for methamphetamine, Sei Tanaka, “Astonishing behavior in Nishiazabu and drug request line”

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Tanaka, a suspect sent to prison on July 1.

Please tell me your name.

When asked his name by a police officer, the man refused to answer. He refused to show identification. He refused to make eye contact with the officer and appeared to be running away, so the police obtained a search warrant and searched his belongings. A plastic bag measuring 6 cm x 4 cm was found between the man’s black pants and body. Inside was a white powder. It was methamphetamine.

On June 29, Chiba Prefectural Police arrested former “KAT-TUN” member Sei Tanaka, 36. 36), a former member of “KAT-TUN,” was arrested. He was suspected of violating the Methamphetamine Control Law (possession). A patrol car patrolling near the west exit of Kashiwa Station on the Tobu Line spotted the suspect, dressed all in black and wearing a straw hat, acting suspiciously. A physical examination revealed methamphetamine, and the suspect was caught red-handed.

Tanaka admitted the charge, saying, “There is no doubt that I had methamphetamine in my possession. Tanaka was also arrested in February of this year for use and possession of illegal drugs, and was sentenced on June 20 to one year and eight months in prison, with a three-year suspended sentence. He was re-arrested just nine days later.

Before his tongue was even dry, he was arrested again. ……

A line in which Tanaka is believed to have requested drugs from an acquaintance in 2005, with “vegetable” being a cloak for marijuana and “bicycle” being a cloak for cocaine.

At his trial, Tanaka expressed his remorse.

For the sake of my family and those who support me, I will not be involved in any illegal drugs in the future.

Tanaka bowed his head deeply in response to the verdict. However, before he could even dry his tongue, he had violated the oath he had sworn to himself.

Tanaka’s use of illegal drugs is not a recent phenomenon. In the June 16, 2005 issue of “FRIDAY,” a source reported that drugs were being used at a members-only bar that Tanaka opened in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. I would like to quote the following.

A man who looked like a drug dealer came to the bar and handed something to Tanaka. I asked him, “What’s that? I asked him, and he said, ‘It’s shabu. He always had a small, 2-cm cone-shaped capsule filled with a white powder that appeared to be methamphetamine. There were many times when he was obviously high.

There were times when he would strip naked on top of his body in the store and go on a knife-wielding rampage. He would point a knife at a customer and say, “You bitch! I’ll kill you! he would make strange noises. Rioting and breaking things were a regular occurrence.

FRIDAY” also obtained a line exchange in which he is believed to have asked an acquaintance to purchase drugs. Marijuana was written as “vegetable” and cocaine as “bicycle.

The former top idol addicted to drugs will now spend a long time in rehabilitation.

  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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