Daishi Nakagawa – Super cool as he relaxes during a break from filming his new movie! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daishi Nakagawa – Super cool as he relaxes during a break from filming his new movie!

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Popularity soars in the great “Kamakura-dono” drama.

Tsunematsu (left) and Nakagawa stare at their phones in the rain. For some reason, there was a Pom Pom Pudding hair clip on his collar.

A Tokyo suburb in mid-May. Actor Taishi Nakagawa (23) and his co-star Yuri Tsunematsu (23) were sitting side by side under the eaves of a commercial facility near the location. It was a location shoot for a movie scheduled to be released on a video distribution service, but filming was interrupted by a sudden rainstorm. During the break, Nakagawa looked cool from start to finish as she crossed her legs and fiddled with her phone.

Nakagawa is currently starring in NHK’s historical drama “Kamakura-dono no 13-nin” (The 13 Lords of Kamakura), in which he plays the role of Shigetada Hatakeyama, a courtier known as the “Kagami” of the samurai class. Nakagawa has not appeared in a Taiga drama since “Sanadamaru,” but his handsome appearance and honest character attracted viewers’ attention, and his popularity soared. (TBS), starring Tsuyoshi Ayano (40), starting in July.

Nakagawa, who debuted in 2009 and first gained attention as a child actor in “Mita, the Housekeeper” (Nittele) in 2011, has become one of the leading actors in the drama industry. He will grow to another level,” says columnist Takahiko Kageyama.

He is an actor who can play out in detail the worries that everyone feels when they are young and the complicated feelings they have when they make mistakes. This is the right time for him to break out of the phase when he is simply called a “legitimately good-looking guy. I look forward to seeing whether he will continue to refine his skills or broaden his range with light-hearted, humorous roles.

Nakagawa’s performance in “Kamakura-dono” may prove to be a touchstone for his future.

Unpublished photos of Daishi Nakagawa during a break from filming his new movie, looking super cool while relaxing!
Unpublished photos of Daishi Nakagawa relaxing during a break from filming his new movie.

From the June 17, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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