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Kuji Announcer, Gakky, ex-“V6” Sakamoto… Newlywed Entertainers “Full of Happiness! figure

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Akiko Kuji announced her marriage to basketball player Yuta Watanabe in May of this year.

I am so glad that you are still as close to me as you were when I left the company.

On June 7, freelance announcer Kuji Akiko (27) updated her Instagram page. In the uploaded image, Kuji and two of her former colleagues at Fuji Television, Yumi Nagashima and Mana Mikami, are holding a chocolate cake with “Happy Wedding” written on it and a bouquet of bright pink and yellow flowers. They were holding a cake with chocolate and bright pink and yellow bouquets of flowers with “Happy Wedding” written on it.

They were probably celebrating Kuji’s marriage. Kuji suddenly announced his marriage on May 26 on the Fuji variety show “Pop Up! (Fuji) on May 26. Her partner is Yuta Watanabe, 27, a professional basketball player. The next day, Kuji posted an image on Instagram of him and Watanabe happily rubbing shoulders on the basketball court.

Kuji is not the only newlywed who is full of happiness. Former V6 member Masayuki Sakamoto (50) and former top Takarazuka star Hikaru Asami (age undisclosed), Yui Aragaki (33) and Gen Hoshino (41), Mihisa Natsume (37) and Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (48), Masaki Sugata (29) and Nana Komatsu (26)… …. We would like to introduce some of the happy celebrity couples who got married between last year and this year, along with some treasured photos.

Collaborating again in a movie starring Gakki

Niigaki and Hoshino are once again in the spotlight. When the information was released on May 22, it immediately became a hot topic on the Internet. The Internet was filled with congratulatory comments.

A dream collaboration is back!

It’s so wonderful that they are still “co-starring” as a married couple!

Nice job producing the movie!

It is well known that their relationship began when they co-starred in the drama “Escape is Shameful but Useful” (TBS), which aired in 2004.

Five years after the drama aired, they got to know each other better when a special version of the drama was realized in 2009. After the filming, they started a full-fledged relationship on the premise of marriage. Gakki is the type of person who is very shy and does not easily talk frankly with her co-stars.

However, she and Ms. Hoshino seemed to enjoy talking outside of filming. They would pat each other on the head, or he would gently take one of the earphones Gakki was listening to and say, “Do you like this? He gently took one of the earphones Gakki was listening to and said, “Do you like this? It seems that even though they are married, they are still good friends.

A gorgeous celebrity couple, full of aura. It seems that their happiness will continue long after their honeymoon period has passed.

Masayuki Sakamoto and Hikaru Asami, who announced their marriage in December 2009.
Hiroyuki Ariyoshi and Mitsuhisa Natsume married in April 2009
Gohin (Shimobori Akusei) and Erika Akiyama got married in December 2009
Masaki Sugata announced his marriage to Nana Komatsu in November 2009
Hidetaka Kano and a general woman got married in June 21
Ryuhei Matsuda and Mara Morgan got married in Oct. 21
Dai Okabe (Hanako) married a friend from Waseda University in March 2009
Mayuko Kawakita married a former Paris Collection model in January 2009
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