Gershie Ch.” Disaster of MyfusHiro’s exposure with no apology by Tsuyoshi Ayano. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershie Ch.” Disaster of MyfusHiro’s exposure with no apology by Tsuyoshi Ayano.

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Myfus” Hiro apologizes live for his troubles with women on “Garcy ch.

In the early hours of June 5, Yoshikazu Azumaya, who runs the revealing YouTube channel “Garcy ch,” updated his video. The “bomb” was dropped by Hiro, the third son of Shinichi Mori and Masako Mori and vocalist of the rock band “MY FIRST STORY” (hereinafter referred to as “My First Story”).

Higashitani had demanded that Ayano admit his wrongdoing by holding a press conference to apologize for his troubles with women and for the president of Ayano’s agency, Mataichiro Yamamoto, to admit his wrongdoing. However, both have continued to ignore Gershey’s demands, and Mr. Higashitani has declared that he will continue to attack his talent and those around him.

So this time, Mr. Yamamoto’s beloved Hiro of Myfus was made the target.

In the video, Hiro’s former boyfriend, Ms. A, appeared on the phone and gave a detailed description that only she could have known.

She is a single mother, and Hiro had sexual intercourse with her in her home while her child was sleeping. When Ms. A became pregnant, she begged him to let her have the baby, but he was selfish and got very angry…” (sports newspaper reporter) He was selfish and got very angry…” (sports newspaper reporter)

In response to Ms. A’s testimony, Mr. Azumaya said

Mr. Higashitani responded to Ms. A’s testimony by saying, “Is aborting children and filling the Tokyo Dome to capacity what you do? Who would resonate with a live concert like that?

Who would sympathize with such a live concert?

Hiro has been photographed by a weekly magazine in the past, and his playful habits are well known. He has been photographed by a weekly magazine, and it is well known that he has a penchant for playing with women. However, if he is just a popular guy, it is still fine, but this time we caught a glimpse of a very negative aspect of him as a man. Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto has taken a liking to him and he has performed with him many times, but I wonder what will happen to him in the future.

Two days later, on the 7th, Hiro appeared on the same channel to talk about his trouble with Mr. A. He said, “I’ve been hurt by what I’ve done.

I have no intention of denying what I have done and how I have hurt her. I don’t want the person I went out with to be unhappy, and I want him to be happy.

He said he was sorry.

What should not be overlooked is that this “revelation” was made in order to demand an apology from Ayano and President Yamamoto.

Mr. Azumaya has presented conditions, such as asking sponsors to withdraw from dramas and commercials in which Ms. Ayano appears, and asking TBS to replace her as the lead actress. He warned that if Ayano and Yamamoto did not apologize, the next target would be Kei Tanaka of the same agency. Tanaka’s story, he said, was “even worse than Hiro’s.” But if one thinks about it dispassionately, he is not the only one to ask for an apology.

However, if one thinks about it dispassionately, it is out of line to expose the ugly stories of those around you in order to demand an apology. So if they apologize, does that mean that Mr. Azumaya will overlook the misdeeds of others? He attacks the media, including sports papers and magazines, as “disciplined,” but in no small measure the media will not overlook another scandal just because they apologize, nor will they use their coverage as a bargaining chip for anything. They will not use it as a bargaining chip in any way.

Mr. Azumaya, who calls himself a “dark hero,” is even running for the upper house of the Diet. How much will the public really accept him?

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