No.1 Host Tried to Make a Junior High School Student a “Sex Slave” – Too Bad | FRIDAY DIGITAL

No.1 Host Tried to Make a Junior High School Student a “Sex Slave” – Too Bad

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Ohashi suspect forced a junior high school girl to commit an indecent act (some images have been doctored)

The man who was making the girl’s degrading demands was a well-known host in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district in Tokyo.

His name is “Amane Mio. She was the manager of a host club called “ZERO,” which at one time was selling more than 15 million yen a month. ZERO” is a representative of the “El’s Collection” group, which operates more than 20 clubs. The man used his position as a popular Kabukicho host to force junior high school girls to perform indecent acts on him.

On April 22, Takuma Ohashi, 25, aka “Amane Mio,” was arrested by the Juvenile Development Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for violating the Child Prostitution and Pornography Law. He met the victim, a junior high school girl A (13 at the time) living in Tokyo, through SNS in May of last year.

The “glory photo” he posted on SNS.

The victim posted on Twitter that she was “looking for friends. Ohashi saw the post and replied to Mr. A via direct message. When Mr. A found out that the suspect was a popular host in Kabukicho, he seemed to get carried away with Mr. Ohashi” (a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper).

Taking advantage of Ms. A’s goodwill, he ordered her to send him naked pictures.

The “champagne tower” that he had posted on his Instagram.

The following message was left on Ohashi’s smartphone, which he sent to Ms. A: “I am the No. 1 host. I’m the No. 1 host. She probably did not want to be disliked by Ohashi, whom she had taken a liking to. He took selfies of himself naked and sent them to Ohashi.

Took her home at least 3 times ……

Young people hanging out at Kabukicho “To-Yoko. Trouble is frequent.

Ohashi’s desires escalated further.

From May to July last year, he took Ms. A to his house at least three times and had sexual intercourse with her,” Ohashi stated. Ohashi admitted his guilt by stating, “I wanted to make her a sex slave. I wanted to make her my sex slave. I often have contact with women in my work, but I had never had a relationship with a junior high school girl before. ‘ (Ibid.)

The incident was discovered because of the influence of “Toyoko,” a hangout for runaway boys and girls. This is the area near the TOHO Cinemas in Kabukicho, where many young people gather.

A also ran away from home in September last year and was at “Toyoko. The police took him into custody shortly after. Ms. A was dissatisfied with Ohashi’s attitude and told the police about all the indecent acts she was forced to commit,” said another national newspaper reporter.

Although the incident was uncovered by Ms. A’s statement, there has been a string of troubles at “Toyoko.

In this case, the incident was uncovered by Mr. A’s statement, but there have been a series of troubles at “Toyoko. In May of last year, a 21-year-old man, said to be one of the “Four Heavenly Kings of Toyoko,” was arrested for taking several girls to a hotel. In January of this year, another man was caught having sex with a 13-year-old junior high school girl at a hotel. There have been many other incidents involving boys and girls, including drug and alcohol overdoses,” he said.

Men who take advantage of the emotional vulnerability of minors and try to satisfy their desires. The police are stepping up their crackdown on “toe yoko.

  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo, Takero Yuzoku

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