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Suzu Hirose, Nagano, Ayase, Ishihara… Actresses who overcame Corona

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Suzu Hirose changed into her casual clothes and headed for the office shuttle. Her silky black hair fluttering in the wind as she walked was impressive.

Wearing a dark purple knit that covered her fingertips, Suzu Hirose, 23, left the scene with a light, steady gait.

In November 2008, Hirose was filming for the special drama “An no Lyric: Anzu Sakuragi, Haiku Hajimete mita” (WOWOW) at a cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo. In this film, she plays a “rap-loving art college student who tries her hand at haiku. After finishing the shooting, she showed up again after changing her clothes after 5:00 p.m., and showed the “moesode” scene at the beginning of the film.

Speaking of Hirose, she announced in October of the same year that she had been infected with a new type of coronavirus. The filming of the movie “Inochi no Chushinjo” starring Sayuri Yoshinaga had to be temporarily suspended. However, she overcame the corona and is now back on the set in good health. This spring, she played the lead role in the TV drama “Air Girl” (TV Asahi) as the “first post-war CA”, and is actively working.

There are many celebrities who have been infected with corona. They have defeated the virus and are showing the beautiful figures they had before the infection. I’d like to introduce their attractive appearance with treasured photos.

Fresh “Okappa Head

We’re used to seeing long hair, so it’s refreshing to see a girl with an okappa head! Meika Nagano comically plays the role of a low-conscious female police officer. Taken in June this year.

A holiday in June this year. On a holiday in June this year, a man and a woman were standing still on the stairs in front of the station square in Kanagawa Prefecture. Meika Nagano, 21, with her fresh “okappa” head, and Shohei Miura with his shaggy hair.

Miura has wireless earphones in his ears, and is looking at the couple at the bottom of the stairs while communicating with someone. And right behind Miura, Nagano follows his target with his eyes. When the couple eventually leaves the square, Nagano and the others run out of the stairs and hurry after them.

“As the couple leaves the plaza, Nagano and his friends run out of the stairs and hurry after them. Police Box Girls” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). It’s called “Police Box Entertainment” and stars Nagano and Erika Toda as police officers who work at a police box. I heard that Mr. Nagano cut his hair on purpose for the drama. The plaza where the shooting took place was crowded with people jostling for a glimpse of Ms. Nagano,” said a drama staff member.

Nagano was diagnosed with corona infection in July, the month after filming, and resumed work in August.

More than five 40-meter dashes!

Haruka Ayase kept a smile on her face even after shooting the scene where she repeatedly ran as fast as she could. Taken in March this year.

I witnessed Haruka Ayase (36) running at full speed in the evening of March this year, when the state of emergency was still in effect. It was in a park near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Shinjuku Ward). Ayase was also diagnosed with corona infection in August. She became seriously ill and was hospitalized for a while.

On the set, she appeared to be in good health. Her trench coat was fluttering and her cheeks were stained pink. Ayase was dashing at full speed, over and over again.

Ayase had been doing some serious muscle training at the gym because the movie she is starring in, “Heaven and Hell: The Psycho Twosome” (TBS), has a lot of running scenes. She has always been very athletic, but she trained her legs so that she could run in heels without losing her form.

On this day, Ayase ran a distance of about 40 meters more than five times. When a young female staff member teased her while she was waiting, she replied, “Stop messing around! to which she replied, “Don’t be silly!” to draw laughter, and made it through the filming, which took until nightfall. Ayase had such a hard time that she had to be hospitalized, but it looks like she’s going to be fine again!

A lover’s embrace

A photo taken on location of Satomi Ishihara and Tsuyoshi Ayano’s drama “Koi wa Deep ni”. Taken in April this year.

A morning in April this year. On a park bench near Shinagawa Station in Tokyo, there was a man and a woman embracing each other. Satomi Ishihara (34) and Tsuyoshi Ayano were filming the drama “Love is Deep” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). Ishihara announced her corona infection in February. “Ishihara was diagnosed with corona infection in February, and gave a passionate performance in the film.

As they talk, Ishihara bursts into tears …… in a scene that looks serious, but when the cut is made, both of them immediately look calm. But when the camera cuts to the scene, both of them look calm and relaxed. They are chatting on a bench, and it looks like they are real lovers, which is a testament to their acting skills.

Actresses who have overcome corona. There must have been some difficult times during their fight against the disease. They overcame adversity and are now active and full of energy.

Yukipoyo announced her corona infection on August 21 this year. She finished her home treatment on August 27.
TV Asahi’s Chiharu Saito, who was found to have been infected with corona in July this year. She returned to work the following month in good health.
Izumi Inamori, who announced her infection in August of this year.
Shihori Kanjiya, who was found to be infected in April of this year.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Takao Kawakami, Yusuke Kondo, Keisuke Nishi, Shinya Nishizaki

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