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Minami Tanaka, Sumi, Ugaki… “Freelance Announcers’ Private Clothes” Thoroughly Checked!

Fashion writers check!

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Following our previous article on female TV announcers by station, this time we pick up freelance female announcers who are active in a variety of media. Let’s take a peek at the private fashion of these women, who have been attracting attention not only as newscasters, but also for their variety of appearances and as actresses.

Reina Sumi, popular with men

Light-toned clothes that reflect the translucent fair skin. If only there was one more twist to the way she dresses… (Photo by Shu Nishihara)

Ms. Sumi left Teletext in 2008 to go freelance, and in January of this year, she announced her marriage to a man. This image is an off-camera scene caught just before she left Teletext. She is wearing a pale blue over-the-knee V-neck one-piece dress and a white long down coat with fur trim. Her eye-catching good looks + style + long, silky hair + this fashion. It certainly looks good on her, no complaints.

However, she is only trying to be popular with men, isn’t she? It is unfortunate that it looks like a way of dressing that could be said to be a good fit for the occasion. Her “frank” character in variety shows is attracting a growing number of female fans, so if she could learn to dress more stylishly to the liking of the same sex, she would be a real asset to the group.

Minami Tanaka, as one would expect from a simple and casual outfit favored by women.

An appropriate outfit for a girls’ night at home with close girlfriends. The way the outerwear she took off is hung on her bag is also a nice touch.

Speaking of a freelance announcer who is popular with the same sex, this is the man. Recently, I have the impression that her talent as an actress is blossoming. And I can’t help but feel that the reason why she is so popular with women can be seen in her casual clothes. More than a year before the release of her hit photo book, she was out shopping with her friend from school, Fuji TV announcer Mio Matsumura.

She is wearing a simple top and slim denim that accentuates her beautiful legs, along with a cap and pin-heeled pumps that seem to be for disguise. Basic and casual, yet conservative and feminine. Ms. Matsumura’s outfit next door is also very pleasing.

Her dog-walking coordinate is a black maxi dress with a white cardigan draped over the shoulder. The bag and white sneakers are also a perfect match. The sling she wears diagonally across her chest is a sling for holding her dog. It matches the color of her pooch’s fur perfectly.

Misato Ugaki goes to the gym in a relaxed outfit that doesn’t pick up her curves.

A loose one-piece dress that can be worn with relaxed shoulders layered with black pants (Photo by Sota Shima)

She has been active in a variety of fields, including essays that make use of her innate literary talent, acting, and cosplay, which has earned her a reputation for being “too beautiful. Although she is known for her love of manga and anime and is an indoor person, she also goes to the gym on a daily basis to keep her beauty and health in check. On this particular day, she was wearing a one-piece dress that she had thrown on over her workout clothes, giving off the impression of a carefree and contented off-duty look. The one-piece dress is made of a wrinkled beige plant patterned fabric with black different material, and has deep slits on both sides.

Ugaki, who was still an announcer at TBS, was a devilish type. Or perhaps you could say that. She must be very popular. It seems to be well received not only by men but also by women (Photo by Takao Kawakami)

Maki Okazoe, hoping for a shift to a west coast healthy casual style that looks good with a smile

The red knit looks great on you, so why don’t you learn a little more about how to wear it (Photo by Nobuyuki Koike)

Ms. Okazoe is popular for her healthy tanned skin, bright smile, and natural character called “Wonder Girl. She wears a feminine casual private outfit with a bright red V-knit as the main color and the rest of the outfit in black. Her fashion sense is, to put it bluntly, neither good nor bad. The red and black color scheme may be appropriate for sportswear or dress-up wear, but for everyday wear like this, I think it’s difficult to find the right place for it. If the bottom was black denim, it might have looked better than expected.

Chiaki Horan, a boyish denim outfit with no frills, is very likable. UP

Short hair + cap accented with ear cuffs (photo by Sota Shima)

Ms. Horan, who anchors an evening news program, is now one of the top female freelance announcers in terms of annual income. She is a very successful woman who appears in numerous media outlets and can be seen in a variety of outfits. But what about her personal clothes? The outfit is so simple, intelligent, and handsome that you would not believe your eyes. A well-tailored beige chester coat, compact knitwear, and denim. She wears a cap and sneakers as accessories. His face is gorgeous and flamboyant, so a menswear-like coordinate suits him well. Personally, I quite like it, too.

Unexpectedly, the private clothes of freelance female TV announcers are diverse in taste. I think fashion is not only a way to show off your individuality, but also a tool to control how you want to be seen by others. Celebrities who are always in a position to be seen, especially when they are freelance, should be able to self-produce their own style.

For those of you who have taken the liberty of allowing us to check your fashion, we wish you continued success and improved fashion skills in the future.

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