Korean women’s golf star’s ‘spin-free face’ brings joy to fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Korean women’s golf star’s ‘spin-free face’ brings joy to fans!

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Ahn during her participation in the KLPGA High One Resort Women’s (AFLO)

“Korean professional golfer Ahn Shin Hye, who is known as the “sexy queen,” is getting a lot of attention for her selfie in the bath on her Instagram account. “It was a great success. and “I love you!

The photos were taken at the Sagewood Hongcheon Hotel in Hongcheon, Korea. The photos were taken at the Sagewood Hongcheon Hotel in Hongcheon, South Korea. Anne said that she was “releasing a lot of photos” and showed photos of her relaxing at the resort and a video of her playing golf.

At the golf course, the leaves are turning red and the trees are gradually turning red. Anne seemed to be healing her body and soul at such a nature-filled resort. The view from Anne’s room was spectacular. Each piece of furniture in the room showed the hotel’s attention to detail. Dinner seemed to be grilled vegetables and meat, with a glass of red wine to whet the appetite. There was also a clip of Anne trying out the automatic curtain while throwing her legs up on the bed.

The other day, she posted an Instagram of her vacation in Jeju Island, South Korea, and I wonder if this is an extension of that vacation. …… This post is full of Anne’s charm.

Among them, there is one picture that attracts the most attention. While soaking in the bathtub, she took a picture of herself through the glass with only her face and the hand holding her phone out of the water. The boldness of the photo was surprising, but what was even more surprising was the fact that Anne was not wearing any clothes.

She is known as the “sexy queen,” and her makeup is always flawless, even on the golf course. However, when she was in the bathroom, she had a different kind of sexiness. There is a hint of innocence in her face, and this is real beauty, not a lie.

Among the comments on the post, there were some that said, “I look forward to your activities in Japan,” and “Please come to Japan. Anne has not been able to play in Japan for over a year due to Corona. First of all, I want her to take a good rest, and then I want her to make a big splash in Japan soon. ……!

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