Hiroyuki: “No female emperor is a problem” – A personal view on the emperor system, which is also the focus of attention in the presidential election | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki: “No female emperor is a problem” – A personal view on the emperor system, which is also the focus of attention in the presidential election

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With the establishment of a female imperial family under consideration, will Mako’s marriage be a turning point?

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.

On September 9, Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” mentioned the future of the emperor system on his YouTube channel. When a general user asked him a question about the emperor system, he replied.

“It’s only a matter of time before the emperor becomes a female emperor, so we should just make him a female emperor.

He replied.

Hiroyuki said that it would also be difficult to revive the side chambers system, and explained that the probability of continuing to have a male emperor is low, so the emperor system cannot continue unless it eventually becomes a female emperor. On top of that.

On top of that, she said, “I see some stupid people who are against the female emperor and want to maintain the emperor system. There are stupid people out there who don’t even consider the probability of having a boy.

I understand that such idiots are saying that, but I don’t know if there are people who are smart enough to maintain the emperor system and say that the female emperor is wrong.

I don’t know if there is anyone who is smart enough to maintain the Emperor System and say that the Female Emperor is wrong.

“There is a difference between the female emperor and the female line emperor. There have been female emperors in the past, but there has never been a female emperor. If we accept a female emperor, it will be a big change in the history of the emperor.

The current order of succession to the throne is Prince Akishino in first place and Prince Eugene in second. If things continue as they are, the Emperor will eventually fall to the Akishino family.

Even if the emperor’s eldest daughter, Princess Aiko, were to be allowed to become emperor through an expert panel and a “female emperor” were to be born, and even if she were to marry and give birth to a boy, that boy would not be able to become emperor under the current circumstances.

If the law were to be changed and the boy were to succeed to the Emperor’s throne, it would be a “female emperor” lineage from here on.

Therefore, if Emperor Aiko were to be born and give birth to a boy, it would lead to a debate about making that boy the next emperor, which could lead to the start of a female emperor.

On the other hand, there are also concerns that the number of female members of the Imperial Family will decrease rapidly as they leave the Imperial Family after marriage.

“The idea of having the female members of the Imperial Family remain in the Imperial Family after marriage and continue to perform their official duties, and the establishment of a female Imperial Family are also being considered. To be honest, this discussion will probably move forward quickly after Mako’s marriage and her withdrawal from the Imperial Family is confirmed.

After all, if Princess Mako remains in the Imperial Family, Kei Komuro will also become a member of the Imperial Family. They seem to be in agreement that they want to avoid this.

The “female emperor” is also one of the issues in the LDP presidential election.

Hiroyuki has said that the female emperor should be promoted, but Tsuneyasu Takeda, the great-grandson of Emperor Meiji, has often vehemently opposed the idea, saying, “Allowing the female emperor is a problem. If a heated debate between Hiroyuki and Takeda were to take place, it would be a great opportunity for influencers to raise issues and for each citizen to think seriously about the continuation of the Emperor’s family.

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