Nozomi Sasaki’s sighing face is so angelic that it makes her fans happy… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki’s sighing face is so angelic that it makes her fans happy…

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Nozomi Sasaki during her attendance at a film festival (AFLO)

Actress and model Nozomi Sasaki has been attracting a lot of attention with her “too angelic sleeping face” on her Instagram account. The photo was taken by Nozomi Sasaki on her Instagram account, and received 108,000 likes, with comments such as “Nozomi-chan is too cute”, “I’m healed”, “She’s so beautiful, I’m speechless”, “If I was born again, I want to be Nozomi-chan’s face…”, and “She’s so beautiful, I can’t help but sigh”.

There were two photos that Sasaki released. The first photo shows Sasaki in beige with her face resting on the back of a green sofa, looking sadly at the camera. The first photo shows her staring at the camera with a sad look on her face. The second is a photo of Sasaki’s sleeping face with her eyes closed. The other photo was of Sasaki’s sleeping face with her eyes closed, a mysterious beauty that was out of this world and grabbed the hearts of her fans.

This photo seems to be a part of the promotion of the fashion brand “iNtimite” that Sasaki produces. The brand has just released its autumn/winter models, and she is probably trying them on herself to promote the brand. The concept of Antimité is “loungewear that can be worn outside.

The dress Sasaki is wearing seems to be the “Three Shirring One-piece”. According to the official website, the price is 22,000. “By adding shirring to the generously roomy body, we have expressed a characteristic crisp silhouette. This item is unlined to take advantage of its design. It is recommended to wear it with shorts or an inner dress,” she explained.

In her post, Sasaki also touched on the makeup for this photo. In the post, she also talked about her makeup for this photo, describing it as “natural makeup with exquisite lip colors mixed with various colors” and ending the post with the hashtag “#Bishu-san makeup”. The makeup is believed to have been created by Mishu, a very popular hair and makeup artist.

Nozomi Sasaki has never compromised her work as a model, actor, or brand producer. I can’t take my eyes off her anymore.

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