The Deadly Sins of Aichi’s “Secret Festivals” – Zeebra and Others | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Deadly Sins of Aichi’s “Secret Festivals” – Zeebra and Others

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Zeebra is forced to apologize for his closeness to the organizers of the “secret festival”.

Vindictiveness is swirling in the air.

The city of Chiba has decided to cancel its support for the music festival “Supersonic” (ZOZO Marine Stadium) scheduled to be held on September 18 and 19.

In light of the new coronavirus infection situation, Chiba Prefecture Governor Toshihito Kumagai had requested the postponement of the event, but the organizers notified the city that the event would be held as scheduled, since about 13,000 tickets had already been sold for each day and the damage caused by the last-minute postponement or cancellation would be too great. In response, Chiba City cancelled its “sponsorship” of the event as of March 9.

Spasoni has strictly prohibited the serving or bringing in of alcohol. They had presented careful countermeasures against infection, such as appealing to visitors to go home directly, but these measures were not accepted.

Needless to say, the background is the outdoor festival “NAMIMONOGATARI2021” (Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture) held on the 29th of last month, where rapper Zeebra and others performed. As expected, there was a clusterfuck among the event attendees as they were served alcoholic beverages, no masks, and even an after party.

The festival received a flood of criticism for its poor handling of the situation, and Zeebra was the first to respond.

“I feel responsible as a leader of the hip-hop scene. I am very sorry.

He apologized, but the media suspected a “relationship” with the organizers, and his stock has dropped significantly. However, the media suspected a “relationship” with the organizers, and his stock dropped significantly. The more I looked into it, the more I was left with a sense of discomfort.

The event company that organized the event, Office Keefe (Nagoya City), is a small company with a capital of about 500,000 yen, and they did not have enough manpower to organize an event for 8,000 people. In addition to its event business, the company had been engaged in photocatalytic coating business since last summer to combat the new coronavirus infection. The company had been operating a photocatalytic coating business since last summer to combat the new coronavirus infection.

“The post-event response was also terrible. The official website of the festival issued an apology, but the website of Office Keefe was closed and the phone lines were disconnected. Tokoname city officials were also angry, saying, ‘How can this happen? (sports newspaper reporter).

It is said that the organizers were telling people that the event was in the red, but since the event was cancelled, we don’t know the truth. A reporter from a national newspaper said

A reporter from a national newspaper’s social affairs department said, “The modus operandi is similar to that of gray social forces. Of course, that’s not certain, but…”

But of course, it has not been decided.

Four music organizations, the Concert Promoters Association of Japan, the Japan Federation of Music Producers Associations, the Japan Music Business Operators Association, and the Japan Music Publishers Association, issued a joint condemnation of the festival on the 2nd of this month. In it, they said

It is an outrage that destroys the relationship of trust that the music industry has built with the national and local governments over the past year and a half, and ruins the hard work of medical professionals and the authorities concerned.

It was a harsh statement.

“In other words, the entire industry is furious. Some of the artists who performed, including CIMBA, rushed to donate money to the medical fund, but if they didn’t, there was a possibility that the industry would take strict action against them in the future.

It was such a big mistake. If it hadn’t been for the “secret festival,” Spasoni would not have been able to get away with it.

If it hadn’t been for the “secret festival,” the prefectural government would never have made such a request. If it hadn’t been for the “secret festival,” “the prefecture would never have gone to such lengths to request it, and Chiba City’s support would never have been revoked.

It is said.

Sarina Suzuki, who also works as a reggae singer, received the same request and withdrew from the “Shibuya Reggae Festival 2021,” which she was scheduled to perform on the 18th. On Instagram, Sarina wrote

“Sarina said on Instagram, “I’ve been performing at the festival for more than ten years since its inception, and my personal feelings about the pain these people have gone through have caused me to make my decision now.

He seemed to be troubled. “I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry, but I hope you can understand. I hope you will understand.

The number of people infected with corona is slowly decreasing, and there is talk of lifting the ban on travel for those vaccinated by the end of this year. The music industry, however, is not the only one that is struggling to keep up with the “secret festivals”. The corona scare is making things difficult for the industry, but if it continues, it could be a disaster.

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