Ayako Kato, Moemi Kudai, Yumi Nagashima… 21 Years of “The Road to Marriage for Female Announcers | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ayako Kato, Moemi Kudai, Yumi Nagashima… 21 Years of “The Road to Marriage for Female Announcers

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The year 2021 began with the declaration of a state of emergency due to the spread of a new coronavirus and is about to end with the outbreak of the Omicron Variant. While the fear of coronas lingers throughout the year, popular female announcers from Fuji TV have been quietly nurturing their love for each other to fruition.

The man who won Katopan over…!

At a Halloween event held in Odaiba, she appeared in a witch costume. She was wearing a witch costume at a Halloween event in Odaiba.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the marriage of the announcer who surprised the public the most. Ayako Kato, aka Katopan, the popular announcer, suddenly announced her marriage on June 7th. Katopan has been saying for a long time that she would like to get married after the age of 35, and the timing was just right.

Katopan’s enviable partner is Mr. A, the president of a company that operates businesses mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture. His annual sales are said to be as high as 200 billion yen.

Katopan’s personal life has been a mystery to many. Even so, her flirtation with NAOTO, the leader of “J SOUL BROTHERS III,” led me to believe that she was marrying a celebrity. Now that she has a strong partner, I am sure she will make even greater strides. Much regret, but long may they live happily ever after!

Moemi Kushiro & Harukun, the popular YouTube star “Northern Uchiha Tachi

The two of them walking close to each other. It was reported that they had a big fight last summer that resulted in a police report, but it seems that the couple is on good terms.

Times change, and so do the partners of female announcers. A little after noon in late March, Fuji TV’s Moemi Dai, 32, and her husband Harukun, 26, a popular YouTube star from the north, came out of their apartment in Tokyo under a joint umbrella.

There were some people within Fuji Television who ridiculed the idea of marrying a YouTube star, but Anna Hisayo stuck to her love. They bought a 150 million yen condominium in one of the most prestigious locations in Tokyo, where they are currently living together. Hmmm, I didn’t know YouTube was such a lucrative job…

Harukun shelters Anna Hisayo from the heavy rain and wind under the eaves of the building. Looking at them, it is obvious how much they love each other.

Even in the midst of a raging spring storm, there is only one umbrella. They just got married at the end of last year, and they seem to be living a hot, newlywed life.

Just after noon in late March, I caught Fuji TV’s Moemi Hisashiro (32) and popular YouTube star Harukun (26), a husband and wife, coming out of their apartment in Tokyo under a shared umbrella. Anna Hisayo tried to stop a cab, but it didn’t show up and she was exposed to the heavy rain and wind. Unable to bear the sight of them, Harukun took his beloved wife under the eaves of a nearby building and went to the street alone. He safely stopped a cab and got into it together.

In July, Anna Hisayo was transferred to the Network Business Promotion Department of the Network Bureau at Fuji Television Network, and although she is no longer a female announcer, she will probably continue to promote her new business with Harukun’s advice.

Fuji’s Momi Hisashiro: A direct report on her lovey-dovey newlywed life!

Fuji’s ace, Yumi Nagashima, chooses a handsome colleague.

At exactly 2 a.m., Anna Nagashima emerges from her apartment. She didn’t show any sleepy expression and got into the car with a smile.

Yumi Nagashima, who appears on Mezamashi TV, was congratulated by the people around her for announcing her marriage on live TV. The man she is marrying is said to be a director in charge of information programs and is one year older than her. He is expected to eventually become a program producer.

Their relationship was discovered by this magazine, but even after the report, they did not talk about their relationship within the company and have been carefully nurturing their love.

On Christmas Day, Anna Nagashima posted a stylish dinner table on her Instagram. Needless to say, the person she ate with was her husband. I hope she will continue to share her love with us in good health.

It’s because they seem to be close to us that the world is so excited about the marriage of female announcers. Let’s see which one will report her happiness next.

The man who came out of Anna Nagashima’s apartment in 2005. He is a handsome man with a sturdy physique and a dignified face.
  • Photo by Sota Shima, Sumio Todoroki, Takao Kawakami, Ippei Hara, Yusuke Kondo (Katopan), Takayuki Ogawauchi, Keisuke Nishi (19 years, Moemi Kushiro), Yuri Adachi, Shu Nishihara (Anna Nagashima)

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