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Arashi Comeback Doubts: Sakurai’s Dancing and Aiba’s Solo Motivation

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Fans are said to have no doubt about the “Arashi” resurrection live on November 3.

Since April 10 this year, it has been almost three months since ‘Arashi’ announced the establishment of a new company with all five members, including leader Satoshi Ohno, during their hiatus.

At the time of the announcement, fans rejoiced at the dedication to the “bond of five,” evident in the joint signing inspired by the lyrics of ‘Arashi’s song ‘La tormenta 2004’—A (Masaki Aiba), M (Jun Matsumoto), N (Kazunari Ninomiya), O (Satoshi Ohno), S (Sho Sakurai)—and the deliberate timing of 5:05 am for the fan club’s report email. Expectations for the resumption of ‘Arashi’s musical activities are higher than ever, but will there really be a live performance on their 25th debut anniversary on November 3?

According to “Sanspo,” “There is a possibility of a live performance in November as the agency has secured Tokyo Dome,” but fans find it hard to believe since other groups have used the venue contrary to the initial plans.

Moreover, until November 2, Matsumoto is performing in London with NODA・MAP’s “Sei Sankaku Kankei,” alongside actresses Masami Nagasawa and Eita Nagayama, following performances in Tokyo, Kitakyushu, and Osaka. The show opens on July 11, and Matsumoto is currently in the midst of rehearsals.

The stage production refers to NODA・MAP’s “Sei Sankaku Kankei,” where Jun Matsumoto appears alongside Masami Nagasawa and Eita Nagayama. Following performances in Tokyo, Kitakyushu, and Osaka, the final show will be held in London. The opening is scheduled for July 11, and Matsumoto is currently in the midst of rehearsals.


As for the schedules of the other members, Ninomiya will be starring in the Sunday drama “Black Pean Season 2” (TBS) starting July 7th. Sakurai, on the other hand, is appearing in the Friday drama “Warau Matryoshka” (TBS) starting on June 28th.

“Ninomiya is the lead, but Sakurai’s name appears last in the credits as a supporting role, ‘Tome,’ so he is not the lead. This alone is quite disappointing for fans, and there hasn’t been any news about the two of them currently doing singing or dancing lessons. Especially for Sakurai, there’s an impression that his physique has changed quite a bit.

While he plays a role of a politician in the drama, which requires dignity, the atmosphere of singing and dancing seems to have diminished somewhat. If there’s even a slight hope for a comeback within the year, knowing him, he should be continuing with his dance practice.”

Now, what about Ohno Satoshi, who is said to hold the key to the group’s comeback and live performances?

“When ‘Josei Seven’ interviewed him in late April, his facial expression and physique were still toned, causing a major buzz that he hasn’t aged at all. He’s 43 years old, and considering the years he hasn’t been in the media, it wouldn’t be strange if he looked like an ‘uncle,’ but fans were delighted that he has maintained a look that can step onto the stage anytime.”

In the first place, this report has significantly fueled expectations for an Arashi comeback. However, so far, there hasn’t been any notable activity from Ohno.


“In Miyako Island, it’s well-known locally that Ohno, who holds a boating license, is involved in managing bars and resort hotels. His sightings fishing from a boat are often observed. However, fans continue to express hopes for his comeback, referring to it as ‘Ohno-kun’s summer vacation.'” (From the earlier editor)

Amidst this, the only one who has declared readiness for a comeback anytime is Masaki Aiba. Hosting the MC role on Fuji TV’s ‘Aiba ◎× Club,’ a popular segment where they compete in dance skills called ‘Masked Choreography Battle,’ he performed on stage for the first time in three and a half years at the real event ‘Aiba ◎× Club presents Masked Choreography Battle FES’ held on June 19th.

“He mentioned having shut down the part of his brain that remembers choreography, but also showed eagerness to do it again given the chance. Interestingly, Aiba has been considered the most idol-like among the members even before their debut.

It’s said that when discussions about suspending activities began at Ohno’s request, Aiba was so surprised that he ‘fell off his chair,’ and he remained opposed until the end. Because of this, he seems enthusiastic about resuming activities. He’s not only maintained his mental state but also his physical agility, the only one still actively an idol.” (From the earlier idol magazine writer)

While discussions about resuming activities are ongoing, it’s a stark fact that each member is engrossed in professions other than being idols. Considering this, the prospect of an Arashi reunion concert seems hopeless for now. Will we see all five members of Arashi on stage at Tokyo Dome in November, a venue rumored to be secured by their agency?

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