3-year-old daughter who was severely burned by boiling water and wrapped in plastic wrap… Disgusting behavior of a 27-year-old mother who was imprisoned for 2 years and “left her child unattended for 3 days”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

3-year-old daughter who was severely burned by boiling water and wrapped in plastic wrap… Disgusting behavior of a 27-year-old mother who was imprisoned for 2 years and “left her child unattended for 3 days”.

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Defendant Hashimoto is alleged to have seriously injured her daughter (Image: Kyodo News)

A mother apparently poured boiling water on her young daughter, causing severe burns, and then wrapped her in plastic wrap and left her to die.

On June 25, Yokohama District Court (Judge Yukiko Semori) sentenced Kaho Hashimoto, 27, to two years in prison on charges of inflicting injury. According to the indictment, in March 2007, Hashimoto abused his eldest daughter, who was 3 years old at the time, by showering her with hot water for more than 10 seconds at their apartment in Yokohama City. The girl suffered serious burns that would last about three months.

FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail on the incident in which Hashimoto was re-arrested for pouring boiling water on his daughter in an article distributed last January 15. We would like to recount the appalling behavior of Hashimoto during the three days he neglected his daughter (some parts have been corrected).

My sister is peeling off her skin.

Four years after her first arrest, her mother was arrested for the second time. This is the second time her mother has been arrested.

On January 11 last year, the Kanagawa Prefectural Investigation Department re-arrested Hashimoto, a restaurant employee, on suspicion of inflicting injury. In March 2007, she poured boiling water on the back of her eldest daughter, A, who was 3 years old at the time, causing severe burns. Hashimoto told the prefectural police that he did not do it and denied committing the crime.

The first incident in which Hashimoto was arrested also occurred around the same time. The first incident took place around the same time as Hashimoto’s first arrest, and it was triggered by the social networking site of his eldest son, who was 5 years old at the time. He wrote earnestly, ‘My mother is missing,’ and ‘I want to see my mother.

A man who lived nearby noticed the boy’s SOS and went to the apartment in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama City, where Hashimoto lived, and found the eldest son dressed only in his pajamas. I have a younger sister” and “My sister’s skin is peeling off,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

When a police officer responded to the call, he found A wrapped in food wrap with severe burns on her back. The prefectural police are arresting Hashimoto and her boyfriend, who lived with her, on suspicion of abandonment of protective responsibility.

In response to the police investigation, Hashimoto explained, “I was taking a shower with just the child and accidentally got splashed with boiling water,” and “I was doing the housework when I heard a loud voice and [A-chan] collapsed. As for not taking her to the hospital and wrapping her in plastic wrap, she stated as follows: “If I got burned, I would wrap her in plastic wrap. He said, “I looked it up on the Internet and found out that you can wrap a child in plastic wrap if he gets burnt.

Hashimoto left A-chan unattended for three days. A’s burns are serious and will take more than three months to heal. It was believed that he had not fulfilled his parental responsibility.

According to court records, Hashimoto had a history of problematic behavior, including smoking, since junior high school. After graduating from high school, she married a man she was dating at the time, but they soon divorced. She moved from her parents’ home in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, to Yokohama City in May 2006.

Before the incident, Hashimoto wrote on his Twitter page: “Before I became a parent, I was in that area. Before I became a parent, I used to think that kids around me were noisy and not cute, but now when I see noisy kids or crying kids, I think they are cute.

On the other hand, neighbors heard him yelling at the children, and the relatives often consulted the Child Guidance Center. Hashimoto received interviews and home visits from the Child Guidance Center. After hearing from a medical specialist, the police determined that Hashimoto had committed the crime of inflicting burns on A. He was arrested again four years later.

The Yokohama District Court, which handed down the two-year conviction, stated, “It is clear that [A-chan] suffered a great deal of mental anguish as a result of the violence inflicted on her by her mother, who was supposed to love her.

Defendant Hashimoto sentenced to two years in prison (from his Instagram, photo redacted)
Hashimoto was re-arrested.
Hashimoto, the defendant suspected of abuse (photo from his Instagram, corrected)
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