Snow Man “Ren Meguro”, whose works have been very well received across the board… A surprising side of Snow Man that his Johnny’s classmate “Yoshitaka Hara” told him about. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Snow Man “Ren Meguro”, whose works have been very well received across the board… A surprising side of Snow Man that his Johnny’s classmate “Yoshitaka Hara” told him about.

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Meguro (right) played the difficult role of a hearing-impaired actor in the drama “silent.

Snow Man’s Ren Meguro has been very active as an actor, with his appearances in last year’s dramas all being talked about. He recently won the “31st Hashida Award” for Best Newcomer, and it was also announced that he will play the lead role in “Trillion Game” (TBS), which will air in July this year. In addition to her popularity, a writer for an idol magazine says that Meguro is loved by her fans because of her “compassionate and friend-oriented side.

Meguro played the difficult role of a hearing-impaired actress in the October 2010 drama series “silent” (Fuji Television), and she also appeared in a TV series in the second half of the 2010 fiscal year, “Soar! (a TV novel series broadcast in the second half of 2010), he gave a good performance as Hiroaki Kashiwagi, a classmate of the heroine Mai Iwakura, played by Haruka Fukuhara, at an aviation school. His performance in these films was highly acclaimed, and he was selected for the Hashida Award for Best Newcomer. Meguro is also making great strides in the film industry.

He was in the movie “Filling of the Moon,” which was released last December, and won double awards at the 46th Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Newcomer Actor. According to a report in the Sports Nippon dated May 9, the film had grossed 2.62 billion yen by the 7th.

Meguro is now “an unbeatable star,” and has been featured in commercials as the image character for the hair care brand “Jurem Relax” and the hair removal brand “Veet MEN. Perhaps because Meguro’s fan base is growing, many viewers are eager to see his commercials. and many viewers want to see the commercials.

On May 10, the official Twitter page under the name “Veet” tweeted, “We have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries to our Customer Service Center regarding the Veet MEN TV commercial. The tweeter also asked for cooperation in refraining from making inquiries about the airing time, saying, “The Customer Service Center has limited capacity to respond to such inquiries. Although the account does not mention any names, it is assumed to be referring to the Meguro commercial.

In June of last year, the same account posted, “[Please] We have received inquiries from Ren Meguro’s fans about the air date of the commercial” and “We would appreciate your understanding that we may not be able to respond to inquiries from our company. The fact that the situation had not changed even after almost a year, for better or worse, was a testament to Meguro’s popularity.

A writer for an idol magazine commented on the personality of such a successful idol Meguro.

In March of this year, Johnny’s actor Yoshitaka Hara appeared on “I Am Adventure Boy” (TBS), a variety show in which Meguro appears regularly. Hara and Meguro are classmates and used to work together in the Johnny’s Jr. unit Uchu Six. The day after the broadcast, Hara revealed on his blog on Johnny’s web, a members-only website, that Meguro had approached the show’s producer two or three years earlier and asked him to let him go to Escape Island with him because “there’s this guy Hara” and “it’ll be fun.

Meguro joined Snow Man in January 2007 while concurrently working with Space Six. In August of the same year, Snow Man’s debut was decided, and Meguro left Space Six. Meguro’s subsequent leaps and bounds are well known, but I guess he still cherishes his old friends.

Hara is a skilled actor, but his main base of activities is the stage. Thanks to Meguro, Hara was able to appear in a variety of prime-time shows, and he recalls that it was like a dream come true for him. He also praised Meguro, saying, “He’s a real fellow traveler. Fans were also impressed by Meguro’s kindness on SNS, calling him a ‘loyal guy’ and ‘friend-oriented.

With the current momentum on his side, expectations are high for the upcoming summer drama “Trillion Game,” in which he will play the lead role, to perform well.

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