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Gravure Legend Yoko Kumada, Known for ‘Insect Talk’ with Authors, Continues to Impress

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In a lively insect talk with author Fuyuki Shindo (’07 July 20th issue)

Speaking of legends in the gravure world, it’s Yoko Kumada.

On May 26th, Kumada held a release event for her 40th photo book ‘Spinning’ (published by Futabasha),

“I feel like it has become a culmination that could surpass the boundaries of gravure.”

She expressed confidently, and in response to the question of how long she intends to continue her gravure activities,

“I really want to keep going. There might not be many opportunities if there’s no demand, but I definitely want to continue until I’m 50 years old.”

She declared. In response, on social media, criticism such as ‘With three children, who is gravure for?’ was not uncommon. However, even more prevalent were words of praise like ‘If she’s come this far, she looks cool’ and ‘Her well-toned physique is impressive.’

At the request of author Fuyuki Shindo, ‘Insect Talk’.

“In third grade of elementary school, she saw a boy she liked flipping through the pages of ‘Playboy’ magazine featuring women lying down, and thought, ‘I want to be like that too.’ Since then, she aimed to become a gravure idol and has been working hard in that field ever since. She truly is amazing. She attends pole dance classes three to four times a week, and despite breastfeeding three children, she works on her abs and chest muscles to enhance her breast size reduction, which is no different from a professional athlete.” (Idol magazine writer)

“FRIDAY” magazine began to focus on Kumada in ’02 as a member of the gravure idol group ‘P-GIRLS’. She has showcased numerous gravure photos in this magazine, and in addition, has appeared in exclusive photos with author Fuyuki Shindo, been romantically linked with “Ninety-Nine” member Takashi Okamura, and worn daring outfits at events. Let’s look back at Kumada’s amazing history through these rare photos.

When it comes to author Fuyuki Shindo, he is known for works such as ‘Black Sun’ and ‘A Poem of Love’, and he also serves as the president of the entertainment production company ‘Shindo Productions’. Furthermore, he is recognized as the producer of the acclaimed DVD ‘World’s Strongest Insect King Championship’, which expresses the natural laws as they are. In July 2007, at Shindo’s earnest request, a discussion project with Kumada was decided.

“In fact, Kumada is known as the insect-loving idol. She has been fond of insects since childhood and is comfortable touching any kind of insect. By the way, she loved pill insects in her childhood and even had an ant farm called ‘Antquarium’ during that time.” (Gravure magazine editor)

Their talk lasted for an exciting hour.

On June 5th, Chihara Junia, hosting the “ABEMA News Show,” praised Kumada, who released her 40th photo book, saying, “But it’s amazing, after all.”

“It’s interesting that Yoko Kumada is at the forefront of the gravure world.”

Kumada is now becoming a legend in the gravure industry. We definitely want her to aim for her 50th book.

Kumada Yoko returned home in the morning from Takashi Okamura’s (’06 February 10 issue).
In a passionate relationship with Takashi Okamura, Kumada Yoko responded to our direct question with “We’re good friends” (’06 February 10 issue).
Kumada Yoko showed off her beautiful legs (’07 November 30 issue).
Kumada Yoko smiles at an event (’07 November 30 issue).
Yoko Kumada in a good mood at her own DVD release event (May 2, ’08 issue).
At the diverse art exhibition for cultural and entertainment figures, Kumada exhibited her own plaster statue (’10 June 11 issue).
Her first scoop photo with her ex-husband, a man. They later married and had three children, but divorced in April 2011 (October 7, 2011 issue).
Yoko Kumada is very revealing in her private life (October 7, 2011 issue).
Yoko Kumada with her long hair cut (March ’20)
Yoko Kumada pole-dancing on her Instagram (from @kumadayoko)
Yoko Kumada showing pole dance on her Instagram (from @kumadayoko)
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