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Former South Korean Idol Faces Child Abuse Charges

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Album from the era of T-ARA.

A  former top South Korean idol may become a defendant.

On June 4th, media such as ‘Chosun Ilbo’ and ‘JoongAng Ilbo’ reported that former member of the girl group T-ARA, Areum (30), and her mother were sent to the Ansan District Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion of violating child welfare laws (including child abuse), abduction of minors, and neglect of children. 

“Areum graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School, known for producing many celebrities, and joined ‘T-ARA’ in July 2012. She left the group in July 2013 to pursue solo activities. In October 2019, she married businessman Mr. A, but faced continuous troubles afterward.” (sports journalist)

Areum has two children with Mr. A, but announced last December that they are in the process of divorce. She revealed she is expecting a baby with her new partner, Mr. B, and posted numerous affectionate photos with him on social media.

“I was robbed of money through hacking.”

“The happy times with Mr. B didn’t last long. Suspicions arose that they deceived over 10 fans and acquaintances, totaling approximately 4.4 million yen. The money allegedly was used for sports gambling. Areum clarified, ‘I was robbed of money through hacking.’ Their relationship became strained due to these troubles and eventually ended. All photos of Ahreum with Mr. B were deleted from her social media.” (Korean newspaper reporter)

But Areum’s troubles didn’t end there. 

“She accused her ex-husband, Mr. A, of child abuse. Areum claimed on her social media, ‘He threw our less than one-year-old child onto the bed, punched our 5-year-old out of the house, and even spat and urinated on the children’s faces to vent his frustrations.’ However, police investigations concluded there was insufficient evidence of abuse, and Mr. A was not prosecuted.” (Korean newspaper reporter)

In February of this year, Mr. A filed a lawsuit against Areum for child abuse allegations.


“After a three-month investigation (as introduced earlier), Areum was sent to prosecutors on suspicion of violating child welfare laws among other charges. There were significant contradictions between the children’s testimonies and Areum’s statements. Police consulted with experts and prohibited Areum from approaching her children. Areum has countered through social media, stating, ‘I heard my children were being abused by their father, so I took them away,’ and ‘There are no facts to justify being sent for prosecution.'”


Troubles continue to emerge among former members of popular idol groups in Japan. The situation shows no signs of settling down.

Amid the turmoil, Areum (from her own social media).
Broke up with the new boyfriend too. (Areum’s SNS)
Broke up with the new boyfriend too. (Areum’s SNS)
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