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Ken Watabe’s First MC Program Since the Riots Deemed Too Risky


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Recently, the allure of streaming-exclusive programs has been centered around doing things that can’t be done on TV. This time, on DMMTV, a wildly extreme program that could never be on television has been born. It started streaming on April 12th and has already begun to gather attention.

Watabe, “the first MC” since the riots.

Is he an MC, or should he be called a victim? The main figure of the program is Ken Watabe. Following the lifting of restrictions due to his extramarital affair, this is his first “solo program,” but the world isn’t so forgiving.

Titled “WATABET – That’s Mine, You Know?” This program entrusts 1 million yen to Morozumi Naoya, a junior comedian from the same agency as Watabe, and observes how much he can increase the money through poker over three months. However, it’s Watabe himself who provides the initial capital of 1 million yen.

Moreover, Morozumi is a complete novice at poker. It seems insane to entrust 1 million yen to such a man, but the setup is to leverage the nature of poker, where the more you study, the higher your winning percentage becomes, and to bet on Morozumi’s growth as a player by entrusting everything to him.

Poker novice Ryokaku 708

Will Watabe’s 1 million yen melt away, or will Morozumi gradually improve his skills as a player while melting Watabe’s pocket money and eventually increase the initial capital? The show offers enjoyment from both perspectives.


As we peer into the depths of the intricate world of poker, the witty retorts emerging from Watabe’s innermost thoughts resonate throughout the program.


Will Watabe win the bet and pave the way for his comeback, or will the 1 million yen simply become a toy for his junior? Why not indulge in this new sensation of documentary variety and find out for yourself?

  • Interview and text by Yoko Otowa

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