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Shohei Ohtani’s Wife Mamiko-san’s Still Elegant from School Days Revealed Persona

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From the official X of the Dodgers baseball team. On the right is his wife, Mamiko.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Shohei Ohtani updated his Instagram on the 15th before heading to South Korea for the opening series. The Dodgers’ official account also posted a photo, introducing the woman next to Ohtani as his wife.

His wife is Mamiko Tanaka (27), who excelled as a basketball player. She played basketball from middle school to high school, college, and as an adult. During her third year at Waseda University, she participated in the ’17 Universiade Taipei, where Japan won a silver medal, contributing to the achievement despite losing to Australia 78-85 in the final.


Afterwards, she aimed to represent Japan at the Tokyo Olympics, and although she fell just short, she garnered high praise not only as a top athlete but also for her character. A senior from Waseda shared an anecdote from her freshman year:

“At the beginning of her joining, there were various odd jobs, but she never complained. Her impressive actions, such as carrying heavy items, cheering loudly, and supporting seniors, left a lasting impression.”

According to alumni, her popularity was outstanding,

“For some reason, the centers (players who play closest to the goal on both offense and defense) at Waseda have a reputation for being ‘beautiful,’ and she is one of them. She calmly handled the crucial position that could determine the outcome. She held herself firmly and communicated well with seniors, colleagues, and juniors. She was the type to subtly consider those around her.”

Furthermore, according to university sources, “Naturally, even if admitted through sports recommendations, students must fulfill their academic responsibilities. If they don’t attend classes or achieve a certain level in exams, they can’t participate in games or even practice. While her grades were not exceptionally high, she was said to have shown great interest and diligence in lectures on coaching studies.”

Mamiko’s brother, Shinichi, is still a top athlete playing for the Ricoh Black Rams Tokyo in the Rugby League One.

On March 2nd, immediately after the news of Ohtani’s marriage broke, Shinichi did not participate in the Tokyo Suntory Sungoliath game but instead watched from the stands to support his teammates. While Shinichi avoided making direct comments about his sister’s marriage during on-the-spot interviews, his joy at the birth of his incredibly big brother-in-law was evident while he was chatting with his friends.

Last March, while engaging in conversation, Shinichi was captured on camera performing what seemed to be the “Pepper Mill Pose,” a trend that was popular among the Samurai Japan team during the World Baseball Classic (WBC), where they won the world championship in baseball.

Ohtani has transferred to the new team, the Dodgers, this season, and he also announced his marriage to Mamiko. Before the opening game in South Korea, he confidently introduced his new wife. Ohtani’s play, fueled by the presence of his wife, who supports him devotedly from a distance, is something to watch closely this season.

Mamiko when she played for the Fujitsu women’s basketball team
Mamiko high-fiving the team mascot. I wonder if there are scenes like this at home.
Her brother, Shinichi, plays for the Rugby League One Ricoh Black Rams Tokyo. He played rugby for Kokugakuin Kugayama – Meiji University and other strong teams.
On March 2, just after Otani’s marriage was reported, Shinichi, who did not play in the Tokyo Suntory Coralias match, watched the game from the stands. Last March, he and his friends were chatting in the “Peppermill” pose that was popular among the Samurai Japan team at the WBC, the tournament that brought back the top spot in the world. The “Peppermill” pose was popular among the Samurai Japan team during the WBC, which won the World Cup last March.
This photo was taken at an open training session for the Japanese national team in January ’20. She was showing off her sharp play.
Mamiko aiming for a shot.
She was playing with a short cut and full of energy
From Otani’s Instagram
It was also featured on the official MLB account

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