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Yuri Ishida’s Overwhelming Charm Leads to Continued Drama Offers

Successful actress who will appear in NHK's morning drama series starting in April and is also a hot topic on SNS!

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Ishida arrived at the scene with a bag filled with scripts and other materials in his left hand. She was as transparent as the rain.

Even through her undressed clothes, she exuded an overwhelming aura of an actress.

Around 10:00 a.m. on a rainy mid-February morning, a woman got out of a car parked in the parking lot of NHK Broadcasting Center (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo). She was Yuriko Ishida, 54, an actress wearing a white casual white-look top and bottom outfit and glasses.

Ishida is scheduled to appear in a TV drama series “Tora ni Tsubasa” (NHK), which will start airing in April, and was apparently filming that day.

Ishida is a representative of successful actresses who are constantly receiving offers from the industry, but she is especially more popular as she gets older.’ In 2004, she attracted attention again when she played the role of a single, single, “arafifi” in “Runaway is Shameful but Useful” (TBS), and succeeded in gaining a new fan base as a “miracle 47-year-old”. Even today, she is a rare presence, with good looks that belie her 50s and a unique air about her that is typical of a first-class actress,” says entertainment reporter Kaoru Shimada.

Ishida’s roles in romantic dramas, cool work-life types, serious dramas, comedies, etc., have broadened her appeal and range of roles as she has aged.

She is an actress who can objectively analyze and express her roles in a film rather than saying, ‘I want to play this kind of role. She will continue to play a variety of roles with her cleanliness and cuteness that only Ishida can bring to the table.

The miraculous 54-year-old, who combines beauty and strength, is truly a woman’s dream.

Ishida Yuriko, whose “overwhelming attractiveness” has kept her inundated with offers for drama roles, was photographed in a photo shoot never before published in this magazine!

From the March 15, 2024 issue of “FRIDAY

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