Transitioning from Chinese Dresses to Mini Skirts, Beautiful Female Companions Flock to One of Kansai’s Largest Car Events | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Transitioning from Chinese Dresses to Mini Skirts, Beautiful Female Companions Flock to One of Kansai’s Largest Car Events

About 200,000 visitors came to see new and famous cars, as well as successful race queens in daring outfits!

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Seiko Kirishima attracted attention this time. She is active as a gravure model and has won the “Miss FLASH” Grand Prix in the past.

This year, too, beautiful women added color to one of the Kansai region’s largest celebrations of famous cars.

Osaka Auto Messe 2024 was held at INTEX Osaka from February 10 to 12, attracting 210,000 visitors over the three days, more than last year. The event was a great success.

A total of 286 companies, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and others, exhibited a total of 660 cars. The event attracted car enthusiasts with a wide range of vehicles, including Lamborghinis and other high-profile sports cars, as well as uniquely customized Jimnys,” said an event official.

(According to an insider involved in the event,) “The presence of companions is also indispensable to the Auto Messe. Women dressed in costumes that boldly expose their legs and bellybutton further raise the voltage of the venue. Perhaps because this year’s event started on Saturday, the crowd around the women was excited from the very first day. Some of the women were dressed like idols, while others wore Chinese dresses, mini-skirt police costumes, and other cosplay outfits. Among them, …… was particularly popular among the attendees.

Seiko Kirishima (32) was the center of attention. She is a successful race queen who won the grand prix in the costume category of the “Japan Race Queen Awards 2023. To avoid congestion, she made a surprise appearance without announcing the time on the day, but even so, many people came to catch a glimpse of her.

This time, nearly 100 companions gathered in large numbers. This year’s event featured nearly 100 companions, carefully selected by this magazine, so be sure to catch a glimpse of the best of the best.

Ai says her favorite car is a Peugeot 206. She is a very popular race queen who even sells her own official goods.
The members of “ARTA GALS,” a racing brand of ARTA. With the addition of three new members, the six-member team is now active.
Tomoko Haba turns her sexy face to the camera. A native of Ishikawa Prefecture, she spends her winters snowboarding.
Tomoki Nishino, a member of ANK, looks very glamorous as he leans his 168 cm tall body comfortably against the car.
The SC-01, a fast car made in China, was unveiled at the event. Mina Mimori, who was at the booth, gave us a service shot.
The booth of parts manufacturer Hartely. It seems to be a longtime favorite of the company to have a female mini-skirt police.

From the March 1 and 8, 2024 issue of “FRIDAY

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