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Kankuro Kudo’s Staggering Impact Makes Yuto Isomura Sweep Film Awards, Bares All in “Futehodo” Drama

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In the drama “There is a Limit to Inappropriateness”, Hayato Isomura appeared as ” Mucchi Senpai,” revealing his in nothing but underwear look.

This season’s most talked-about drama is undoubtedly “There is a Limit to Inappropriateness!” (TBS), written by Kankuro Kudo. This comedy features a compliance-challenged uncle (played by Sadao Abe) who slips from the Showa era to modern times, stirring up the stagnant air of the Reiwa era with his inappropriate remarks. In the midst of this, attention is drawn to the performance of actor Yuto Isomura, who plays dual roles as the passionate Showa-era Mucch Senpaii and the reserved Reiwa-era Akitsu-kun.

“In response to the request, ‘I want you to become an idol,’ [Isomura] completely transforms into ‘Mucchi,’ from hairstyle to costume, and straddles a motorcycle. This portrayal embodies the Showa era in this drama. On the other hand, ‘Akitsu-kun’ of the Reiwa era is a modern-day office worker who says, ‘Romance has a poor cost-performance ratio.’ However, he gradually becomes attracted to Ichiro (played by Abe), who constantly expresses extreme opinions.

Furthermore, in the musical scenes that appear in the latter half of the drama, [Isomura] showcases performances that rival professional casts like the Takarazuka Revue, displaying remarkable agility.” (Production company director)


He truly embodies the key figure bridging the Showa and Reiwa eras. While making his debut in a Kudokan drama, the level of anticipation from the staff is nothing short of astonishing.

“In 2015, Isomura made his debut in the gateway for young actors, ‘Kamen Rider Ghost’ (TV Asahi). In 2017, he secured the role opposite the heroine Arimura Kasumi in the morning drama ‘Hiyokko’ (NHK), and in 2018, he played a delinquent role in ‘From Today, It’s My Turn!!’ (NTV).

The following year, he portrayed the homosexual character Gilbert in ‘Have You Eaten Yet?’ (TV Tokyo). In 2020, in ‘Mothers in Love’ (TBS), he showcased a nude scene opposite Yoshida Yo, captivating female fans with his sensual charm emanating from his trained physique.” (Entertainment show insider)

With each step in his career, Isomura has continuously refreshed his signature roles. However, it’s safe to say that his winning streak is just getting started, and the best is yet to come.

“In 2023, films such as ‘Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween,’ ‘Go to the End,’ ‘Ripple,’ ‘Thirst,’ ‘Moon,’ and ‘Positive Desire’ were released, sweeping the Best Supporting Actor awards at various film festivals, including the Japan Academy Awards.

In particular, his performances in works like ‘Moon,’ inspired by the mass killing incident at a disabled facility in Sagamihara, and ‘Positive Desire,’ which sheds light on the desires of minorities, were highly acclaimed.” (Entertainment show insider) 

Isomura portrayed “Sato-kun,” the serial killer responsible for 19 deaths and injuring 26 others. However, the families of the victims are still alive. At the stage of reading the script, he faced the danger of even being attacked in his role.

“Is it really okay to turn this concept into a movie? Are we really okay with making it?”

He raised questions to Director Yuya Ishii. Eventually, as discussions progressed,

“We have to make this film.”

He expressed that a feeling of necessity emerged, saying, “This is something that must be made,” and decided to take on the role of “Sato-kun.”

“Producer Mitsunobu Kawamura, who initiated the project, met with the perpetrator before the death penalty was issued. Isomura, shown copies of letters and drawings made by the perpetrator, commented, ‘The drawings are beautiful, and the words written are polite and kind. Just by looking at those, it’s hard to believe they’re from the perpetrator who committed the crime,’ adding, ‘That actually made me feel scared.’

Such an ordinary person gradually embraces darkness deep within their heart and transforms into ‘Sato-kun.’ Isomura, in his portrayal, nurtured the madness that emerges within Sato-kun.” (Production company producer)

“While verbally denying, Yoko’s heart wavers. To prevent over-planning and maintain spontaneity, this scene, where ‘Isomura’ tries to shake Rie Miyazawa’s character, was performed without rehearsal.

Regarding Isomura’s performance in this scene, Miyazawa commented, ‘I saw his concentration and unwavering impulse as Sato-kun, responding to the director, and I thought he truly is a talented individual.'” (Previously mentioned producer)

Miyazawa commented on Isomura’s performance in the scene, saying, “Seeing the way he responded to the director with uninterrupted concentration and ‘Sato-kun’ impulsiveness, I knew he was a powerful man.

This scene was filled with his best performance. Actor Yuto Isomura has really stepped up his game as an actor with this movie.

Director Yoshiyuki Kishi, who cast Isomura in the 2010 film “Prior Convictions,” also offered Isomura the role of Yoshimichi Sasaki in “Shogai,” released last year, in which he plays a difficult role as Yoshimichi Sasaki, who is married to his childhood friend Natsuki Kiryu (Yui Aragaki), who is also a minority and has greed. The film is a very difficult role.

“Director Hara praises Isomura as an actor who can ‘speak volumes with just his gaze and presence.’ In this film, to express the gradation of emotions, Isomura portrays Kaido’s feelings very delicately not only through his delivery of lines and intonation but also through his facial expressions and entire body.” (Previously mentioned director)

Yuto Isomura has been renewing his roles with each passing year of his career. Isomura has won numerous film awards, and Kudo Kankuro, who sometimes has him play the role of “Mucchi Senpai,” a senior actor who stands on his dignity in only a pair of white briefs, is still a formidable actor.

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