A reporter of this magazine tried her hand at “dating” an “elite papa-katsu-girl” and was inundated with offers even with a “high allowance. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A reporter of this magazine tried her hand at “dating” an “elite papa-katsu-girl” and was inundated with offers even with a “high allowance.

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When I actually went on a “date” with “elite papa-katsu-girl Ako,” I found out about her. …… (Photo is for reference only)

In the last issue of “Why I Started Papa’s Life”, we interviewed Ms. A (27), an elite papa’s active girl who has excellent appearance and communication skills . In order to get a closer look at her true charm, we had to find out what kind of dates she actually goes on. I actually asked her for a “date. When I contacted her on the exchanged LINE, she readily agreed.

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The biggest difference between her and the women who are often found on the “Papa Katsudo” app is her “consciousness. In dating clubs, if a male member is late or has a bad attitude, he is reported to the club, and the club staff informs him that such a case has been reported when he is appointed by another man. Perhaps because of this, her response to my LINE contact before making plans was very good.

To begin with, young women do not respond immediately very often. I hear that women met on the Papa Katsudo App are especially slow to respond. One of the men I interviewed once told me this story.

He said, “It’s not unusual for a woman to reply two or three days after confirming her schedule. It is also common for them to change their schedule or cancel their appointments. No matter how much you build a relationship with them, you can never be sure that you will see them until they show up on the day of the meeting.

At first, I was surprised to receive a reply to my LINE within at least half a day, but then I felt reassured that I would definitely be able to meet the girl on the appointed day.

According to those we have interviewed who have experience in papa-katsu, papa-katsu is like a pseudo-love affair involving money. Her quick response is probably due to the fact that there is an allowance involved, but it still makes her feel good. This may be part of the high allowance.

The day before the appointment, I contacted her and said, “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I had been advised by a veteran papa-active man that women on papa-active apps cancel appointments without hesitation, so it is better to confirm the day before the appointment. She replied immediately, “I was just about to contact you,” to my surprise. She had intended to contact him herself to confirm the day before. It was a polite response that made me think that the date had already started before we met.

On the day of our “date,” she contacted me immediately after work to say that she would arrive on time, and she was waiting for me in the restaurant ahead of me.

The place chosen for the “date” was ……

We started our “date” at a Japanese-style pub in Tokyo. To fulfill her wish to enjoy a meal since she is not much of a drinker, I asked her to show me some of the restaurants she usually goes to, and we chose one. I was surprised to find that the restaurant was a normal Asian restaurant, the kind of place that a normal woman in her twenties would go to. I thought that since she was a member of a dating club, the restaurant would have to cost around 10,000 yen per person, but I was worried needlessly. This kind of personality is probably the reason why she is able to have several regular fathers.

The last time we met, it was just an “interview,” and since it was our first meeting, she told me as much as she could to some extent. But this time, perhaps because it was a “date,” she told me more in-depth stories.

She told me that she tells her good friends that she is involved in papa-katsu activities and even recommends dating clubs to her friends. But she said that those who can’t do it because of resistance make good money by going out for drinks.

I said, “Surely you don’t think about going to a hotel with a middle-aged man?

I think that’s usually the case. The first guy I met on a dating app was a very nice guy, so my resistance to the idea of going to a hotel with a middle-aged man disappeared. I think it was really good timing for me because there weren’t as many weirdos on the old dad dating apps as there are now.

When she first started her papa-katsu activities in 2008, there were not as many postings about papa-katsu on SNS as there are now, and there were not as many girls who wanted to have a relationship with a daddy as there are now, so the market price was usually 20,000 to 30,000 yen for an adult relationship. Even under such circumstances, I have been able to meet men who would give me 200,000 yen once. Of course, she has good looks and excellent communication skills, but she also has “luck.

The conversation was so exciting that I thought, “It would be fun just to have dinner,” but it had been about two hours and she urged me to leave the restaurant. At this point, I had lost a little sense of time.

The four-hour “date” went by in a blink of an eye. The first date at a dating club is basically four hours long, and the club tells the women, and the men are expected to match that time. I had completely forgotten about this, and it wasn’t until she urged me to go on a date with her that I realized it.

Oh, that’s right, of course.

I felt a little apologetic. She has been fully satisfying me from before we met to this very moment. I was very embarrassed that I couldn’t just bash it out in four hours and send her off with a good feeling. Perhaps it was because she was such a beautiful and communicative girl, and she was the perfect partner for this “date,” I thought to myself as I calmly analyzed the situation on the way to the station with her.

I hope to see her again next month.

I passed through the ticket gate while listening to her words with meticulous consideration to the end.

A short time after I returned home, I received a proper thank-you e-mail. The elite papa-active girls made me dream from before I met them to after I met them.

It is said that in the papa-katsu world, the men on the “buyer” side are dominant, and competition among women is fierce. And in a dating club where men with money to spare gather, it is not unusual to find women who are young and good-looking. The reason why Ms. A is so popular among them is probably because she can show them a “dream” for a moment with her attentive attention to detail. Perhaps that is why men are willing to pay her a hefty “allowance.

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