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Wife Spills on Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Unconventional Money Habits

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Mimata Mata, whom Matsumoto adored for some reason.

On his official website, “Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto, who had been bullish, announced on January 8 that he would be suspending his activities . On January 8, “Downtown” star Hitoshi Matsumoto, who had been bullish, announced that he would be going on hiatus. He also cancelled his appearance on “Wide Nasho” (Fuji Television Network), which he had announced he would appear on.

Matsumoto’s suspension seems to have been largely influenced by the “second arrow” in the January 10 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” (weekly magazine). According to the report, the “female payoff system” for Matsumoto by junior comedians was also in place in Osaka and Fukuoka, and it published the testimonies of three new women.

Regarding Matsumoto’s suspension, Yoshimoto Kogyo announced on its official website

Matsumoto has requested that we first confront the various articles and focus on the trial. (We have decided to respect her wishes in light of the various circumstances.

He explained. However, it seems that Yoshimoto Kogyo had no choice but to accept the suspension of his activities.

Matsumoto responded on X (formerly Twitter) to a screenshot of a LINE message reported by Weekly Woman, which was allegedly sent to Ozawa by a woman who had been victimized at a party. Matsumoto responded on X (old Twitter), “It finally came out, didn’t it?

With this post, he admitted that there was a drinking session. I lost track of what was factual and what was not, saying that there were no facts. I feel that Matsumoto was also ahead of the curve in his notice of his appearance on “Wide Na Show. He probably had no choice but to suspend his activities before further discrepancies arose.

Among these reports, one of the most notable is the presence of a junior comedian who is said to have been attending to him. Following Kazutaka Ozawa of “Speed Wagon,” the names of Kenji Tamura and Jun Kurose of “Punk Boo Boo” were newly mentioned as attendants.

While many junior comedians were coming on to Matsumoto, the absolute ruler of the comedy world, for their own benefit, it is said that one of the junior comedians, “I don’t think it would be good for Matsumoto-san, but for some reason, I was loving him” (one of the junior comedians), is a “bum comedian,” Mimata Mitsumata. One of his junior comedians, “a bum comedian,” is said to have “adored” Matsumoto-san, “even though he would never become a plus for him. A well-known episode in their relationship is that Matsumoto lent 15 million yen to Mimata, who was struggling to run his bar.

It was reported in “FLASH” in February ’17 that Mimata did not return the money. Mr. Matsumoto admitted it was true and made a story about it on his program.’ In April of ’18, he told “Wide Na Show” that he had successfully recovered the money, but there is an episode in this story that is not yet known. In fact, Mr. Matsumoto had lent money to his wife without telling her. His wife, who hates lies and concealment, was furious when she learned of this fact from the news reports.

For Matsumoto, who has enormous assets, 15 million yen may seem like a small amount of money. In the world of comedians, however, lending money to a junior comedian who may not be able to recover it may be praised as “a senior comedian with a heart of gold,

However, “From the general public’s point of view, it is incomprehensible that he would lend such a large sum of money to his wife without telling her. His wife, who hates secrets, may have felt betrayed. Mr. Matsumoto also once said, ‘My personal life affects my work. The fact that this happened before this report suggests that there may have been a rift in their relationship,” a senior executive at an entertainment agency speculates.

speculates. Some questioned Matsumoto’s decision to suspend his activities in order to focus on the trial,

I can understand why he would not be able to concentrate on his work since his personal life is undoubtedly in a difficult situation due to the recent news.

The aforementioned acquaintance defended him, saying, “I understand that you are having a hard time concentrating on your work. It is not clear how he reported this incident to his wife, but from the looks of it, it is highly likely that Matsumoto also hid the fact that he was going to a party and drinking with women. His personal life may have already been wobbly.

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Dr. Suidobashi also called Mimatamata “key man” in the Matsumoto issue.
Kazutaka Ozawa of Speedwagon, who announced his voluntary restraint from entertainment activities in October 2006, a complete turnaround from “I have nothing to be ashamed of.
Hitoshi Matsumoto (right), Chihara Jr. (in sunglasses), Aki of “Mizutama Reckless Pool” and Hiroyuki Miyasako (left) coming out of a bar (April 4, ’03).
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