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Chihiro Onitsuka’s “Ambulance Kick” – Fans say “No need to change”.

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Chihiro Onitsuka was arrested for kicking an ambulance. In the past, her “eccentric behavior” has also been a problem…

I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience my inappropriate behavior has caused to so many people. I deeply regret this.

Singer Chihiro Onitsuka posted a handwritten apology on her official website on December 2.

On November 28 at around 4:30 p.m., Onitsuka and a female friend were playing pachinko at a pachinko parlor near JR Ebisu Station when the friend’s health suddenly changed. They called for an ambulance, but he swore at the paramedics who rushed to the scene, and then kicked the ambulance, causing a dent, and was arrested on suspicion of damaging property. He was later released from jail.

In response to this, Onitsuka and her record company announced on their official website

Chihiro Onitsuka’s act this time was an act for which there is no excuse, and she herself has deeply regretted it. Chihiro Onitsuka herself should be more remorseful and aware of this matter so that this kind of thing will not happen again in the future, and we are determined to take the necessary measures.

The company posted an apology.

According to Onitsuka’s statement, when the ambulance arrived, a passerby said something sarcastic to her and she got upset. He has been known to be verbally abusive, so a drug test was conducted on him, but it came back clean.

Moreover, he had not been drinking. In short, he was sober when he kicked the ambulance,” said a sports journalist.

On the Internet, Onitsuka was criticized by an elderly man who said, “Don’t help gambling addicts! Some online sources say that Onitsuka was verbally abused by an older man, but the truth is not clear.

Regardless of what is said, it is an abnormal situation for a singer who is in the public eye to kick an ambulance that came to help him when he was sober. I can’t help but feel that there is a gap between the seriousness of her apology and her words.

In the past, Onitsuka has caused an uproar by tweeting “I want to kill you” to Akiko Wada and Shinsuke Shimada on Twitter. As with this incident, he may have a personality that can’t think about the future.

I don’t think kicking the ambulance is a matter of sympathy, the car can’t be used while it’s being repaired.
It’s a regrettable incident that makes me doubt humanity.

and criticism of Onitsuka is pouring in.

In the meantime, Onitsuka posted an apology on Twitter as well, but his fans said

It’s okay. You don’t have to change, just come back as you are.

However, the sweet words of the fans were not enough to stop Onitsuka. However, it can’t be denied that the sweet words of these fans may have ruined Onitsuka.

Even though he wanted to help his friend, he should never cause trouble to the medical staff in this time of corona disaster. There are many other “disturbing divas” in Japan and around the world, but I hope they will not be talked about for their crimes.

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