Abusive language and low wages: The “tragic reality” of prostitution for Japanese women working abroad | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Abusive language and low wages: The “tragic reality” of prostitution for Japanese women working abroad

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A tweet showing the rewards of migrant prostitution abroad and a “playroom” (courtesy image)

Many of you may have seen the advertisements on Twitter and other social networking sites. However, the reality of the situation is terrible.

The following is a reenactment based on the testimony of a woman who mediated in overseas migrant prostitution.

Web creator Akari (27, pseudonym) first learned about overseas prostitution in the middle of July of this year, when she received a phone call from Kurosaki (38), the operator of a brothel.

Kurosaki, 38, a brothel operator, received a call in the middle of July this year from a Chinese man who was running a prostitution business in his mansion in Los Angeles. I searched on Twitter and found out that there was indeed a Chinese man named Liu, who Kurosaki said was looking for migrant girls.

Kurosaki was a boy at the brothel where Ms. Akari had worked part-time as a student. After graduating from university, Ms. Akari became a nurse and quit her job as a sex worker, but after retiring from the hospital where she worked, she went back to work in the sex industry. After studying at a web school, she became a freelance creator, but she still keeps in touch with women in the sex industry.

The pyramid-like organization of overseas migrant prostitution seems to have several scouts, including a half-scout, in addition to Kurosaki. I was told by Kurosaki that the half scout sent his own girlfriend and several other women to work overseas, and the one who is calling for recruits on Twitter is a billing agent of unknown gender named Liu, also known as “Deron. I heard that a Chinese boss is reigning over him.”

Ten million yen in two weeks

Ms. Akari, who mediated the job.

Kurosaki explained, “Japanese women are popular in the overseas migrant prostitution industry, especially idols and porn stars. If you can do it, ask me to introduce you to a porn star. If you can, ask them to introduce you to AV girls, because you can make a lot of money if you add tips. He then promised to pay her 20% of the sales as an intermediary fee.

Feeling good about the high fee, Ms. Akari approached an acquaintance of hers, Ms. Masumi, 32, an adult film actress. The Corona disaster had left not only prostitutes, but also pornographers, who were nearly unemployable for work such as filming and events, in dire straits.

She had been sending money to her frail parents and paying tribute to men, so she was in great need of money. I convinced her that she could make a lot of money as a cute porn star who looked like Kanna Hashimoto.

The period of overseas migrant prostitution is two weeks, and a top-class porn star can earn as much as 10 million yen in two weeks. She was over 30 years old, but she looked like she was in her 20s, so I figured she could make 5 million yen. However, the result was quite low.

In the video interview, I was told that she had a flabby stomach, so the unit price was lowered to 20,000 yen for 60 minutes. I couldn’t predict before I left how much I would earn in two weeks.”

Before leaving for L.A., Masumi took a PCR test in Japan, which turned out to be negative. She took a flight from Narita to L.A. for sightseeing, and when she arrived, she showed her negative test results and was easily escorted out of the airport.

The instructions were all on the ‘deroon’ line, and outside the airport, a woman called ‘Mama’ came to pick up Masumi. She drove her to a hotel in Los Angeles, where she stayed overnight. Although she was instructed by Deron to spend the day sightseeing, she was afraid that the U.S. authorities would find out about her overseas prostitution and she would not be able to return to Japan.

The Lousy Contents of Two Meals a Day

The L.A. “mom” who was in charge of transportation

On the second day, we were transferred to a mansion in the suburbs of Los Angeles. On the second day, they moved to a luxurious mansion in the suburbs of Los Angeles, with a luxurious double bed in a stylishly decorated room. The conditions in the room were so poor that it could best be described as “confinement.

She ate only twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Fruit and flakes in the morning. In the evening, hamburgers. No snacks. Masumi was snacking on “Jagarico” that she brought with her. The bathrooms were so luxurious that they looked like a hotel. She woke up around 11:00 a.m. to check in for work, and worked for 12 hours from 12:00 a.m. until midnight. He went to bed around 2 am. The room had only a bed and a small desk, no TV.

Most of the guests were booked on the day of arrival. Most of the guests were decided on the day of arrival, and although there were occasional reservations, they were not informed until the day of arrival. There were no repeat guests, and the caretaker was my mom. There were no repeat customers, and the mother was the caretaker.

The play was real with rubber. She said it was similar to a Japanese soap. She said that she was forced by her Chinese boss to get tips from customers, but few customers paid tips. Maybe it’s because the times are cashless. The maximum is $200 (about 23,000 yen). They claimed they could make money from tips when they introduced me. It’s a scam.”

Most of the customers were Chinese. Most of the customers were Chinese, and some of them were huge men, and some were overweight middle-aged men. Half of them were drug addicts, and Masazumi said she played while shivering.

The boss at the mansion also monitored the women. One night after work, she heard the boss arguing with a woman who seemed to be Asian in the next room. The boss was yelling and cursing at the woman,” she said.

She did not disobey the boss, but kept hoping that she would return home safely, and finally finished her 14 days of work.

She finally finished her 14 days of work. That was much lower than I expected. After deducting the commission, she was told that 1.8 million yen would be transferred after she returned home.”

Masumi was scared and frightened until before the plane took off for home. After the Tokyo Olympics, the spread of the disease spread further, and people who were recovering at home died.

I received a transfer of 1.8 million yen from ‘Deroon’. I was supposed to get 200,000 yen from Kurosaki out of the 700,000 yen as an intermediary fee, but Kurosaki ran away with it and it’s now missing.

Ms. Akari, who was overcharged for the referral fee, looked frustrated but said, “I’ve been soliciting on Twitter extensively. I’m sure someone is still working at the mansion brothel in Los Angeles,” she said.

Japanese women are being targeted by the Chinese and forced into prostitution abroad at low prices. We must not overlook this reality.

Line communication between Akari and a migrant worker
Line communication between Akari and a dekasegi woman
Line communication between Akari and a migrant woman
Inside a “playroom” in Los Angeles
An online page introducing migrant prostitution abroad
  • Reporting and writing by Kaoru Natsume

    Columnist, novelist, and writer. Born in Akita Prefecture. She has interviewed more than 20,000 working women about their work, love lives, marriage activities, and marriages. She has also written a column from a woman's point of view, titled "'Expiration date' makes women unhappy" (Gendai Business), and a movie column. She is also the author of the report "Alumni Love" (Fujin Koron) and "The Poverty of Highly Educated Women" (Sunday Mainichi). She has also written about marital problems in "Women Who Don't Get Divorced Strategically" (Shukan Asahi). Her article "33-year-old woman's wall" (Asahi Shimbun telling) received over 400,000 PV, and in April 2020, her article in the daily SPA ranked first overall on Yahoo! In 2007, she was cured of Guillain-Barré syndrome, an incurable disease that affects only one in 100,000 people, without any aftereffects.

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