Speculation Rises on King & Prince’s Takahashi Kaito’s “END” Post Sparks Breakup or Disbandment Rumors | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Speculation Rises on King & Prince’s Takahashi Kaito’s “END” Post Sparks Breakup or Disbandment Rumors

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Kaito Takahashi of “King & Prince” was reported to be in a three-year relationship with actress Kasumi Arimura by “Josei Seven” late last year.

Last year, Josei Seven reported a three-year relationship between actress Arimura Kasumi and King & Prince member Takahashi Kaito. Takahashi, who has often sparked controversy with hints of his relationship, is now a hot topic among fans for possibly suggesting a breakup on Instagram.

“The two reportedly grew close after co-starring in the TV drama ‘Ane-chan no Koibito’ (aired on Fuji TV in the October 2020 season). Due to their busy schedules, they found it difficult to meet often, so it was reported that they are currently living together.” – (Sports newspaper reporter)

The previous hints of their relationship: In 2022, Arimura appeared as a guest on “Sakurai Ariyoshi THE Night Party” (TBS), where she revealed that she had bought commercial-grade pickled ginger online, which she snacks on at home when drinking alcohol, and also uses it in cooking.

And in the “King & Prince” episode from March 11th of last year, Takahashi said

“I really like gari, I eat it every day.

He stated this. Additionally, on other television programs

“I ate samgyeopsal yesterday.”

When he said this, the other cast members

“Where did you eat it?”

He was asked.

“I mean, at my parents’ place, or rather, the house where I live.” he stammered, becoming flustered and stumbling over his words.

“Did you eat it with Arimura Kasumi?”

“I don’t eat samgyeopsal alone.”

And such comments became a hot topic on social media.

Both agencies involved in the relationship report:

“We have been getting along well since co-starring in a drama.”

With such responses, it’s almost like an unofficial confirmation from both agencies.

Amidst this, what caused a stir among fans was Takahashi’s Instagram Stories post at the end of January.

An illustration resembling Takahashi himself was depicted with a displeased expression, wearing a hat with “END” written on it. The hand holding a spray can was positioned in front of the “END,” seemingly emphasizing that it had been written.

“Did they break up?”

“The ‘END’ is intriguing. What has ended?”

“The best kind of hint.”

Fans on social media were buzzing with comments like these.


“Three members of King & Prince, including Hirano Sho, moved to ‘TOBE’ and formed a new group. Takahashi and Nagase Ren continue as a duo in King & Prince, and it’s a crucial moment. Amidst such an important time, Takahashi’s dating news came out, and if he were to get married soon, fans would likely decrease even further.

In this context, there’s a significant possibility of a breakup. However, on the other hand, while it’s unclear if the dating news is related, there have been rumors of discord or dissolution between the two members of King & Prince. When Nagase opened an Instagram account on his birthday, January 23rd of this year, Takahashi followed Nagase, but Nagase did not follow Takahashi. There were voices from fans saying, ‘Please follow Umi-chan too,’ and it seems he followed him afterward.” (Female magazine reporter)

On the other hand, since Arimura’s birthday was on February 13th, some fans speculate that this might be the “X-Day” for marriage.

So, what will Takahashi END? His relationship, King & Prince, or perhaps his single life?

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