Johnny’s Jr. Activity Guidelines released in response to reports of sexual assault– 9 items that the office announced it would address | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s Jr. Activity Guidelines released in response to reports of sexual assault– 9 items that the office announced it would address

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Will the Johnny’s Jr. Activity Guidelines Really Change the Office?

In early June, the Johnny’s office, which has been in the middle of the “sexual assault” scandal involving its founder, Mr. Kitagawa, released the “Activity Guidelines for Johnny’s Jr. The page includes such statements as, “Implementation of briefing sessions accompanied by parents” (original text in Japanese), clearly stating the support system for Jr. Fans on the Internet expressed their surprise, saying, “I’ve never seen the ‘Johnny’s Jr. I’ve never seen the ‘Johnny’s Jr. Activity Guidelines’ before!

According to the official website, the “Guidelines for Johnny’s Jr.

(1) Holding a briefing session accompanied by a parent or guardian.
(2) Participation of minors in activities from the home of their parents.
(3) Emphasis on academics
(4) Regular compliance meetings with lawyers
(5) Participation in social contribution activities
(6) Strict adherence to activity hours
(7) Age limit in activities before debut
(viii) Drug testing
(9) mental and physical care by visiting a psychosomatic doctor and appointing an infirmary teacher.

While taking care of minors and student Jr. members, the explanation that “a system has been established to allow talents to consult without hesitation if they have any mental anxieties” indicates that the company is aiming to create a transparent environment.

Regarding “age restrictions on pre-debut activities,” it also states, “We have institutionalized and implemented age restrictions so that when pre-debut talents reach a certain age, they have an opportunity to discuss their future talent activities and do not lose various possibilities outside of entertainment activities.

In January ’21, Johnny’s released a “Report on the Revision of the Johnny’s Jr. System. In January 2009, Johnny’s released a “Report on the Revision of the Johnny’s Jr. System,” declaring that “a certain age limit will be set” for Jr. activities based on “the viewpoint of ensuring appropriate career decisions for individuals.

Specifically, he explained, “In the event that an agreement cannot be reached with the Johnny’s office regarding the continuation of activities as Johnny’s Jr. by the first March 31st after reaching the age of 22, the activities of Johnny’s Jr. will be terminated as of the same date. The effective date is March 31, 2011, but the company added, “We have already reached an agreement with the groups whose members are 22 years old or older and some of the talents to continue their activities as Johnny’s Jr.

Meanwhile, former V6 member Yoshihiko Inohara (47) is now in charge of training and producing the Jr. Inohara succeeded Hideaki Takizawa, 41, as president of the affiliated company, Johnny’s Island, on September 26 of last year. Incidentally, when Inohara was interviewed by a sports newspaper and other media at the end of March this year, he was asked to comment on the system and said, “Some of the girls are actually working behind the scenes with me now.

One name that has been mentioned by fans regarding this person is Ryuichi Tanimura, who was a Jr. until January of this year. He is now 24 years old, born on December 21, ’98. He is not a member of any group, and since his profile and other information disappeared from ISLAND TV, the official Jr. entertainment site, at the end of January, it was believed that he left the group before the “22-year-old retirement age system” came into effect.

There is talk that Tanimura may have become the manager of Johnny’s four-member unit Fu~Yu~. Season 3″ (CS Nippon TV Plus, broadcast on May 5), and although he did not show his face, there was a scene in which he talked to the members and said “Tanimu.

The other day, he also appeared on the radio program “Fuyu no Pita Radio! (CBC Radio, broadcast June 10), Yusuke Matsuzaki (36) was checking the schedule during the show when he uttered the word ‘Tanimu. Matsuzaki was momentarily impatient, but the members around him laughed and said, “We’ve been mentioning Tanimu’s name at all,” and “Is Tanimu that Tanimu? Tanimu is the one who is buzzing about it,” they laughed. It was as if they were admitting that it was Tanimura himself.

In ’19, although not related to the retirement system, Matori Hayashi (29), a member of Kansai Johnny’s Jr., reported on a blog on Johnny’s web, a membership site, that he would be working as a choreographer affiliated with the office.

Hayashi has recently been coaching the younger members of the group, and his work was featured in the documentary “100 Kame” (NHK Sogo, broadcast on April 11 this year), which closely followed the Kansai Jr.

It may be that the trend of offices supporting Jr. in their second careers will become the norm in the future.

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