The Dynamic Persona of Yamaguchi Tatsuya Unveiled on Instagram from Boy-Next-Door to Cool Uncle | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Dynamic Persona of Yamaguchi Tatsuya Unveiled on Instagram from Boy-Next-Door to Cool Uncle

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Yamaguchi as an idol. He has a beard but looks fresh (in ’18).

Former “TOKIO” member Yamaguchi Tatsuya’s return to society seems to be going smoothly.

Looking back on Yamaguchi’s past, in April 2018, he was sent to prosecutors for alleged forced indecent assault against a high school girl. Although he received a non-indictment disposition in May of the same year, he was forced to withdraw from the group “TOKIO” and had his contract with Johnny’s office terminated, leading to a suspension of his entertainment activities. Afterward, he lived a period of self-restraint, but in 2020, he drove a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol, causing an accident and being summarily prosecuted for a violation of the Road Traffic Act.

From there, he continued his treatment for alcohol dependence and lived a period of self-restraint while working towards social reintegration. In March 2023, he resumed his activities by establishing the company “Yamaguchi Tatsuya Co., Ltd.”

“Recently, it seems that Yamaguchi has been leading a busy life traveling across the country for well-received lectures and seminars on alcohol dependence and corporate events. His social media accounts depict a daily life filled with such fulfillment. In publicly available images, he is seen dressed in what appears to be a high-end suit, sporting a hairstyle with one side shaved in a two-block style, and a stubble beard, giving him a cool older gentleman look.

While he now exudes the vibe of a flashy businessman compared to his idol days, one can still see the same refreshing expression he had before. It seems to be well-received by fans who have been following him since his days in Johnny’s Entertainment.” (TV magazine writer) 

On his social media account, there was an announcement early in the new year. Despite staying away from the entertainment industry, Yamaguchi made a comeback by appearing in a TV commercial.

The commercial was for a company called “Aozora Care Group,” which is involved in caregiving businesses in cities like Kagoshima. In the commercial, against the backdrop of a clear sky, Yamaguchi is seen walking slowly, murmuring words of gratitude, and then addressing the camera, saying, “That is my new beginning.”

On the former Twitter account (X) of Yamaguchi, who boasts over 250,000 followers:

“Welcome back. Keep doing your best from now on.”

“The past is the past. I will continue to support you forever.”

“Everyone makes mistakes. I think he has been punished enough, and I want to support his comeback.”

However, on the other hand, some voices expressed discomfort by referring to past scandals:

“It’s not appropriate for a man who has been involved with minors to appear in a commercial.”

“Although the emphasis is on recovering from alcohol dependence, what about the forced indecent assault on a minor?”

These comments reflect a sense of unease.



“The background behind the critical voices may be influenced by the gap between the image of Yamaguchi seen in the CM footage and the image of Yamaguchi posted on social media.”

A producer involved in the production of the commercials said as much.

“I think one reason for the critical voices is that with the recent discussion of Matsumoto Hitoshi’s alleged sexual misconduct, people are reminded of Yamaguchi’s past misconduct. In that sense, the timing was bad. Also, in the CM, Yamaguchi has straight hair, no chin beard, and is not dark-skinned. He appears as a refreshing, good young man. However, on social media, his hairstyle and clothing give off a more frivolous vibe compared to the typical appearance of a man in his 50s.

It’s not necessarily a negative thing, and it might not reflect who he truly is, but it raises questions about which version of Yamaguchi is real. It’s possible for talents to create a character that fits the image of a CM, but as a result of Yamaguchi doing that now, it seems to have divided the viewer’s evaluations.”

Judging solely by appearance is wrong, but the importance of appearance might never change, regardless of the era.

Tatsuya Yamaguchi travels around Japan as a businessman (from his X@yamaguchi_inc)
Tatsuya Yamaguchi traveling around the country as a businessman (from his own X@yamaguchi_inc)
Tatsuya Yamaguchi during a lecture (from his X@yamaguchi_inc)
Tatsuya Yamaguchi in a commercial. He looks like a fresh young man. (From YouTube channel, Future Care Channel [For caregivers and nurses who want to improve their careers])
Tatsuya Yamaguchi in a commercial. (From YouTube channel “Future Nursing Care Channel [For Nursing Care Workers and Nurses Who Want to Improve Their Careers]”)
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