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Hitoshi Matsumoto Leaves TV Stations in Chaos After His Hiatus

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Matsumoto announced his suspension following the Bunshun report. The impact on the entertainment industry as a whole has been felt by the immense presence of Matsumoto.

On the evening of December 8, Yoshimoto Kogyo announced the suspension of Downtown star Matsumoto Hitoshi (60). The December 27 edition of “Shukan Bunshun” (weekly magazine) reported on Matsumoto’s allegations of forcing multiple women to engage in sexual acts. On the other hand, Matsumoto’s agency has denied everything in the report and is preparing to file a defamation lawsuit against Bunshun. Matsumoto’s intention in suspending his activities this time is said to be Matsumoto’s, and he himself has also made a request to Yoshimoto, saying, “I want to confront the various articles and focus on the trial,” and is truly fighting a thorough battle. The entertainment desk of a sports newspaper explained,


“The TV stations, entertainment agencies, advertising agencies, and other related parties were not notified in advance, and the announcement of the suspension was a complete surprise. The majority of the people involved learned about it for the first time through news bulletins, and everyone from the upper management of the TV stations in particular was in a state of confusion. If they have to start preparations for the trial, it will take at least six months before they can return to work, and it could take two years or more until the case is settled.”

TV stations are most affected by Matsumoto’s suspension. Matsumoto and his partner Masanori Hamada (60) appear on three regular programs: “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS), “Downtown DX” (Yomiuri TV production, NTV), and “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukashiya Aahende!” (NTV).

In addition, he has made personal appearances on “Crazy Journey” (TBS), “Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Sake no Tsumami ni Naru Hanashi” (Fuji Television), “Matsumo to Nakai” (Fuji Television), and “Detective! Night Scoop” (ABC Television), and currently has seven regular programs. Despite the chaotic situation, TV stations are already busy dealing with the future.

In the midst of this chaos, the stations are said to have settled on a basic policy.

A source in the entertainment industry gives an inside view.

“First of all, the three regular programs in which the Downtown duo appears are being coordinated with Mr. Hamada playing the central role. In addition, Mr. Hamada’s current show, “Prevato!” (produced by Mainichi Broadcasting System, TBS), “Wolf Boy” (TBS), “Junk SPORTS” (Fuji TV), “Hamachan!” (Yomiuri TV), and “Gobugobu” (Mainichi Broadcasting System) will continue to be broadcast as before. We are in the midst of the confirmation process to obtain approval from sponsors for each of these programs.”


On the other hand, the programs that Matsumoto will appear in on an individual basis are currently being difficult to coordinate, and the stations are having a hard time figuring out what to do with them. A source in the entertainment industry continues, 

“The TV stations are having a difficult time deciding whether to replace Matsumoto or let the show continue without him. The TV stations are faced with the difficult decision of whether to replace Mr. Matsumoto, or whether to continue the program without him. That way, they can cut costs and make adjustments more easily.”

“However, there are many talents who have agreed to appear on talk shows such as “Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Sake no Tsumami ni Naru Hanashi” and “Matsumo to Nakai” only because of Mr. Matsumoto’s presence. We will make up for the talent who ‘refused to appear’ by not having Mr. Matsumoto on the show, and at the same time, we are trying to find out who we can replace so that the number of performers will not be reduced. We are currently negotiating with many parties.”

Hitoshi Matsumoto, who has reigned at the top of the entertainment world until now, suddenly leaves the stage. Aside from the truth of the allegations, the future of the entertainment industry is also attracting a great deal of attention.

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