Airu Ikumi & Hiccorohee: “Empathy” common to female celebrities who have “made great strides in the acting business”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Airu Ikumi & Hiccorohee: “Empathy” common to female celebrities who have “made great strides in the acting business”.

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Every year at the end of the year, there is a lot of talk about who was active this year and what was popular. I, as usual, receive questions such as, “Which drama was the best?

Actress Airu Ikumi’s success was remarkable.

Looking back on the year 2023, two actresses made a leap forward that (in my opinion) is rare in recent years. They are Meruru Ikumi (21) and Hiccorohee (34).

The two have one thing in common: they are both good actors. The gap between their public image and their acting skills is a surprise to many. Both have secured their positions on variety shows. Hiccorohee is a natural as the host of a show. One would have thought that they would continue to stroll through the entertainment world without losing their good positions, but they have both jumped into the world of acting. Even though the roles they play are completely different, they have succeeded in winning the sympathetic votes of women. Let us consider the details of their success.

While retaining her existing image…Meruru’s stable performance

In 2023, Meruru, a.k.a. Meruru Ikumi, appeared in a number of major dramas. She appeared as a guest in the fourth episode of “Kazama Kochin – Kyobo 0” (Fuji Television Network). She played the role of a college student who almost loses the child she is carrying to her selfish father and kills him. I had the feeling that “suspense and Meruru ……? I had the feeling that he was in a bit of suspense, but his performance was perfect as he tried to protect his child. Even in this day and age, it is still easy to sympathize with a woman who is at the mercy of a scumbag.

And then, “Meruru …… for these men?” Doubts broke out again with “At least on Sunday nights…” (TV Asahi). The drama series broadcast in the prime time slot (between 19:00 and 23:00) co-stars Nana Seino (29) and Yukino Kishii (31) as the heroines. Both actresses were honored at the Japan Academy Prize. Surrounded by these two actresses, I wondered if she would be intimidated, but there was not the slightest sign of that, and she played the role of Wakaba Higuchi well. Moreover, I was amazed to see that she retained the smiling face of Meruru that I always see on TV. The role of Wakaba, who is not blessed with a mother and lives with her grandmother while being misunderstood by those around her, suited her well.

She continued to appear in “Sexy Tanaka-san” (NTV). At first glance, this drama appears to be a comedy, but behind it are hidden keywords such as self-esteem and self-affirmation, keywords that everyone is struggling with today. Shuri Kurahashi, who played the role here, became so popular that her lines became a hot topic on SNS!

One would think that she would no longer appear on variety shows after her acting career has gone so well, but that is not the case. Her natural character is still there, and she still enjoys being surrounded by older celebrities at variety shows. I think it would be nice to see her in this dual role, but I also expect that she will be starring in a TV Tokyo show in 2024. I expect that in 2024, I will be starring in a TV Tokyo production.

Hiccorohee drew sympathy for its sense of weakness and leaked true feelings.

In recent years, “imagining” has become the default in every aspect of our lives. One such example is the processing of photos with photo apps. It is safe to say that not everything around us is true. It is precisely because we live in such a world that a character like Hiccorohee, who has a sense of powerlessness, makes us want to hang on to him. I like smoking, drinking, and gambling! I love smoking, drinking, and gambling! This also attracts sympathy votes different from the role played by Meruru.

Hiccorohee’s somewhat sad post (from official X)

She was also often seen in dramas in 2023. Starting with “Bokkatsu Koroshiki” (NHK Sogo), she played the role of Yama-chan’s mother in “Dare but Passion Is There” (NTV). Incidentally, the spring season was also a double-header with “My Wife” (Fuji TV). After a guest appearance in “Muddy Quagmire Shokutaku” (TV Asahi), one might think that the year 2023 would end as it is, but in January 2024, the movie “Karaoke Go! is scheduled to be released in January 2024.

All of the roles I saw him play in the drama were interesting because of their different characters. Is it still the strength of a comedian to be able to maneuver roles? Yes, while steadily advancing her frame as an actress, she is also sought after as a comedian. I thought her life must be very hard, but then her true feelings leaked out on social networking sites.

She said, “I worked hard today and came home exhausted. I turned on the kettle and the heater at the same time and the breaker tripped. I cried.

In front of the audience, the actor hides his true feelings and keeps his act going. This is a word I came up with on my own, but I have this image of actors, which is why I am convinced that there are still actors who have not embarked on social networking. But because we live in a time when we are expected to be excited, many people may sympathize with Hiccorohee’s true feelings. Sometimes, true feelings can also be beneficial.

Empathy should be an important element for any actor.

Two actresses who have drawn a lot of sympathy this year. I hope to see their good faces again in 2024.

  • Interview and text Hisano Kobayashi

    Hisano Kobayashi writes essays and columns, edits, promotes, and appears on the radio. He is also the author of "Kekkon to nakaridemo yoru Uruwashikana Jinsei" (KK Bestsellers) and "Best of Heisei Drama! (Seishun Shuppansha). Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

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