A former TV personality who claims to be the president of an entertainment agency forced a woman to perform a sexual act on him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A former TV personality who claims to be the president of an entertainment agency forced a woman to perform a sexual act on him.

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Inoue, a suspect arrested for misrepresenting his background and indecently assaulting a woman (photo from Ino Media’s website)

Kiss me or I’ll crush you.”

A self-proclaimed former TV personality impersonating the president of a major entertainment agency forced an unacquainted woman to perform a sexual act on him.

On November 8, Yusuke Inoue, 38, a self-proclaimed former TV station employee living in Toyama City, was arrested by the Shibuya Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for indecent assault on a woman in her 20s while posing as a member of an entertainment agency.

Inoue ambushed a woman at a fashion show audition held in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, in the early afternoon of November 11. After the audition, he said to the woman, who was in her 20s, ‘Good work. At that time, Inoue flashed a nameplate with the name of the president of a major entertainment agency on it and said, “If you are serious, we can have tea or something to talk more. In reality, however, Inoue had nothing to do with the entertainment agency. He took the woman to the staircase landing of a nearby multi-tenant building, kissed her forcibly, and then pressed his own nether regions against her.

The next day, on the 12th, the victim contacted the Shibuya Police Station. From the security camera footage, the suspect Inoue surfaced. A business card bearing the name of the president of the entertainment agency Inoue had claimed to be was also found at the victim’s home in Toyama City.

The major entertainment agency where the suspect Inoue pretended to be the president actually participated in the audition that the woman attended. It is highly likely that the suspect Inoue was aware of such a fact and committed the crime by disguising his business card. The police are investigating the possibility that he may have approached other women in a similar manner.

Inoue is a suspect who used cunning tactics to force a woman into a physical relationship with him. He was said to have flaunted his “spectacular career.

After graduating from the graduate school of Kansai University, Inoue started a company called “Ino Media” in 2010 and was engaged in video marketing. On the website of “Ino Media,” Inoue introduced his own career, in which he proudly stated that he was in charge of the general direction of a variety show broadcast nationwide when he was working at a TV station and that he was a news reporter in charge of police-related cases as a police cap. You also mentioned that he had tried his hand at being a comedian and made it through the first round of the “R-1 Grand Prix” in ’22. Currently, that website is no longer available for viewing.

In addition to “Ino Media,” Inoue also operated “Ino Juku,” an online site for people who want to work in the mass media industry. He was also said to have been putting efforts into activities for job-hunting students, but his habit of boasting did not stop there as well.

Before his arrest, Inoue posted on his SNS, “I have been working for 12 years at a commercial TV station in Toyama (information program director and advertising sales) while also volunteering my time to correct job application essays and practice job interviews for job hunters for 12 years. I am a medium-sized private university in the Kansai region, but I was able to get many job offers from major confectionery makers such as Guoco, NTT Delta, and X-Rite Manufacturing,” he wrote in a post.

Not content with merely boasting about his own career, Inoue even went so far as to misrepresent his career by claiming to be the president of an unrelated entertainment agency. His act of taking advantage of the feelings of a dreaming woman is extremely malicious.

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