Marriage is a prison”… Masahiro Nakai, who has a unique view of marriage, lived a “simple life together” when he was living together. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Marriage is a prison”… Masahiro Nakai, who has a unique view of marriage, lived a “simple life together” when he was living together.

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One night, Nakai shows up at a used Mercedes-Benz store in Tokyo. But in fact, he was not the only one… (photo taken in ’03)

What did “FRIDAY” report 10, 20, and 30 years ago? Playback Friday” takes a look back at the topics that made headlines back then. This time, we bring you “Masahiro Nakai’s ‘handsome date in a Mercedes Benz and commuter cohabitation'” from the December 26, 2003 issue, which was published 20 years ago.

In May of that year, this magazine reported on Nakai’s “cohabitation” with a 24-year-old general female. However, they were so guarded that they could not be photographed together at the time, as Nakai spent most of their time together in his room, and she hid in the back seat of the car when they went out in the car. However, in December, seven months after this magazine’s report, the situation was a little different. This time, the situation was a little different. …… (Text and expressions are as they were in the article at that time).

[Playback! A shakotan luxury Japanese car that drove up to a Mercedes-Benz specialty store].

A used Mercedes-Benz specialty store in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. A luxury Japanese-made car with a shakotan body was parked next to the store after 8:00 p.m.. It was a fully smoked glass car with the specifications of a celebrity or a person in that line of business. I couldn’t see the inside of the car at all.

I thought, “Oh my God, this must be Masahiro Nakai’s (31 at the time) car,” and sure enough, out of the driver’s seat came Nakai, wearing a cap and sunglasses. Then an older man with gray hair and a cap got out of the car. Then, from the back seat, a woman in her mid-twenties wearing a warm-looking down jacket. What is that? Could it be that beautiful woman we scooped in May? Her face looks just like him.

If so, they are still dating. By the way, recently Nakai has been making a lot of noise around him. In May of this year, this magazine caught him living together with a 24-year-old freeter, and in October, it was reported that he was allegedly dating a transsexual beauty living in Osaka for over four years… Well, everyone thought it was a joke. Well, even if everyone thought it was a joke, he was a bit too lenient.

Now, Nakai is seriously planning to buy a Mercedes-Benz, and the clerk urges him to take a look at the Mercedes-Benz in the showroom. Even though Mercedes-Benz has become a popular car, all the Mercedes-Benz models in the showroom were complete cars, priced at around 10 million yen. Even so, they were looking at the Mercedes Benz with great interest while chatting with the man accompanying them about this and that.

After about 30 minutes, the three left the Mercedes-Benz specialty store. It seems that no business deal was concluded that day. The group got into Nakai’s car and drove about 10 minutes to a sushi restaurant along the street. It seems that Nakai-kun is a regular customer of this restaurant. The staff put up a sign that said “Preparing” even though it was supposed to be open for business.

It’s past 10:00 p.m., and the three of them emerge from the restaurant in a good mood. They look like they are having a good time.

She walks briskly to her car. They follow behind her, chatting and laughing. She walks with an air of dignity that is not typical of her modest nature. She gets into the driver’s seat. Nakai and the old man were in the back seat. How could she be so Missy? She was like a wife, wasn’t she? There was not the slightest hint of a top-secret relationship. They are completely open. She has opened up to the world, hasn’t she?

It was midnight when I dropped the old man off. The two return home in good humor. Nakai-kun seems to have done some shopping and unloads a large number of shopping bags and packages from the trunk. At the same time, she receives them. “Wow, they are breathing perfectly together. They are breathing perfectly together. This is what I call the “newlywed mood. And then they disappeared to Nakai’s room.

At the time, Nakai and his girlfriend spent two or three days a week at the apartment, and they sometimes came home together. Often, when Nakai was at work, she would be alone in her room waiting for him.

After this, Nakai continued to be reported for his love affairs with Koda Raimi and others.’ In 2005, his six-year relationship with choreographer and dancer Maika Takeda (39) was reported, but it reportedly broke up in ’19. Nakai, who is still single, spoke about his views on marriage on “Masahiro Nakai’s Friday Smile” (TBS) in August of this year, saying, “I think marriage is a prison. He said, “I don’t have love for my wife,” and that “it is troublesome to stay with her all the time.

What does Nakai think when he looks back on their “cohabitation” in 2003?

Nakai and his girlfriend take a long look at the cars on display in the showroom. They both looked somewhat happy.
After looking at the Mercedes Benz for a moment, she, her companion, and Nakai return to their beloved car. Nakai-kun, smiling.
They returned home around midnight. She goes inside the apartment first.
After she went in, Nakai with some big luggage went inside.
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